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Spell check of stay

Correct spelling: stay

stomach, snarl, tangle, obstruction, burden, gruntle, breathe, stop consonant, interruption, dispel, gentle, stay on, baulk, bolt, couple, lodge, dumbfound, stopover, go-between, arrive, bracket, suffer, squat, hold on, anticipate, hinder, plosive consonant, resistance, bear, postpone, desist, surcease, agent, mollify, remain, hang on, apprehension, interrupt, hamper, catch, knitting, zipper, confine, absolution, hook, put up, bank check, vex, concession, mucilage, conciliate, blockage, fasten, fuse, closure, clinch, tie, hold, bonding, stupefy, opposition, limp, restrain, survive, terminate, check mark, vise, full point, endure, medium, band, persist in, belt, enlistment, tack, chain, ligament, preserve, point, await, snag, bide, entrap, preventative, drag, beat, occlusive, splice, jam, puzzle, shelve, inhibition, preventive, interval, stay behind, cinch, hobble, impediment, duty tour, spike, fetter, pin, adhere, interference, excuse, outride, cheque, mystify, breast pocket, rivet, taking into custody, repose, tarry, table, bear on, binding, link, cramp, withstand, standstill, connect, cement, privilege, delay, absolve, come from, waiver, lock, interlude, constraint, stabilize, relieve, extend, weld, brad, ride out, persist, sleep, jog along, hawser, liberty, release, board, thwart, paste, clog, stick to, blockade, stand by, sting, curb, subside, colonize, level, chip, thread, dwell, cleat, skewer, impair, fastening, occlusion, populate, catch one's breath, dismiss, tour of duty, bond, last, check, roost, button, knit, carry on, exempt, house, anchor, cincture, wait, go along, staple, assay, detain, constrain, restrict, clamp, plait, reprieve, bodice, cessation, plosive speech sound, stick around, drawback, fastener, pinch, support, plosive, check-out procedure, suspension, hold fast, sojourn, term of enlistment, crimp, hold up, squelch, stitch, discontinuance, cover, restraint, hinge, cease, adjourn, visit, resist, cotter, get, substantiation, frustrate, hang-up, entangle, quarter, go on, mire, latch, block, run, abide, bottleneck, cleave, rub, encumber, barrier, layover, uphold, cripple, dispensation, cling, occupy, confront, complicate, waive, string, binder, full stop, stoppage, die hard, brake, mark time, verification, impede, baffle, congest, obstruct, prevail, exception, gravel, remit, abandonment, calm, clip, quench, obstacle, culminate, continue, proceed, slumber, hitch, tick, bridle, assuage, immunity, truss, hamstring, do, pause, amaze, strap, clasp, frustration, constipation, foul, stick about, reside, bib, maintain, exemption, zip, constipate, stop, permission, tolerate, stick out, belay, lenify, care label, still, glue, vegetate, nail, baste, bewilder, hang in, liberate, deter, tranquilize, knot, snap, suspend, license, settle, placate, becalm, confirmation, chit, freeze, termination, plug, place, pillow, halt, pose, flummox, discontinue, live, hiatus, encumbrance, entrapment, restriction, impasse, perch, discharge, pardon, postponement, arm, stagnate, congestion, nonplus, entanglement, inhabit, tour, watch, oppose, coattails, fix, lie, incumbrance, brace, buckle, lash, bung, free, persevere, break, tab, vinculum, standardize, grapnel, handicap, coupling, hold out, stall, linger, propitiate, pacify, brook, take a breather, impedance, stick, dismissal, rest, billet, appease, twine, keep on, regularize, paralyze, connector, tether, end, quit, lace, sew, seal, ending, mediator, balk, except, quiet, rabbet, hasp, arrest, bind, diaphragm, counter, braid, hindrance, checkout, defer, deterrent, expect, guy, last out, damper, settle down, buttonhole, bafflement, refrain, retain, dam, quell, stand, choke, prop, hold off, hinderance, digest, amnesty, relief, bar, armhole, complication, collar, close, inhibit, disadvantage, middleman, suture, recess, abandon, permit, stick by, weave, freedom, stay put, hurdle, keep, cohere, perplex, go forward, wedge.

depart, move, journey, migrate, take leave, change, forfeit, resist, proceed, forfend, reject, abandon, avoid, quit, shun.

Examples of usage:

1) We can't stay here all day. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) I expect he's on his way to stay there now! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) If only she could stay on here now to- day- and not see Lingard again! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.