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Spell check of statement

Correct spelling: statement

belief, apprehension, blank-book, body search, rehearsal, basis, hypothesis, treasury, interaction, education, article, financial statement, line, line of reasoning, validation, educational activity, gossip, tilt, treatise, profession, dictionary, book, thesaurus, retelling, bulletin, menu, itemization, opinion, message, consideration, docket, position, borrower, direction, index, idea, articulation, self-expression, BIPS, thesis, score, argument, inventory, assertion, bank-book, collection, storybook, bidding, axiom, communication, testimony, cash book, check, fact, narrative, controversy, saying, log, repertory, argumentation, text, annual, pledge, approval, assurance, portrayal, monograph, registry, budget, principle, promise, enumeration, sum, parameter, affidavit, newspaper, table, history, narration, bank, news, announcement, epistle, tally, record, submission, count, oath, arrest, remark, tabulate, annals, pronouncement, account, reckoning, avowal, query, waybill, demonstration, dispatch, exposition, expression, declaration, deposition, essay, indication, correspondence, tablet, bounty hunter, word, didactics, acknowledgment, bill, daybook, notice, audit, contact, presumption, apology, album, allegation, proclamation, premise, balance, pad, attestation, yearbook, literary argument, vocalization, memo, certification, anecdote, scroll, avouchment, verbalism, schedule, point, evidence, verbalization, postulation, balance sheet, proof, mastery, description, contestation, observation, command, affirm, novel, problem, autobiography, chronicle, motif, inference, matter, protestation, manifest, issue, bank statement, manifestation, cross-fertilization, invoice, question, recount, pay, dictation, roll, memoir, disputation, program line, telling, list, voice, notebook, connotation, receipt, dissertation, summary, sanction, concept, claim, support, theorem, lexicon, corroboration, census, arguing, documentation, utterance, counter-evidence, archive, contention, substantiation, banking, authentication, roster, logbook, exemplification, confirmation, register, detail, file, release, relation, determination, workbook, verification, teaching, quotation, topic, recording, conjecture, exhibit, specimen, debate, newsletter, warranty, words, charge, breath test, calendar, bank rate, theme, chronology, cashbook, asseveration, wording, tab, establishment, APR, catalog, biography, digest, affirmation, journal, data, recounting, formulation, bank draft, logical argument, scrapbook, information, story, discourse, flash, paradigm, illustration, ledger, assumption, comment, phrasing, breathalyze, endorsement, liaison, subject, disceptation, bid, bust, averment, diary, apologia, store, epic, control, ratification, total, memorandum, instruction, apprehend, transmission, version, admission, report, accusation, rumor, pedagogy, tale, recital.

Examples of usage:

1) Can you deny this statement? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) But the statement that it was printed in four weeks is against this. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

3) I let the statement pass in silence. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.