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Spell check of stale

Correct spelling: stale

mothy, mind-numbing, limp, worn-out, stereotypic, ho-hum, blase, stuffy, frigid, tiring, tame, slow, tiresome, mouldy, smelly, tatty, insipid, high, hard, corny, insensate, dust-covered, taste, clichéd, solid, restless, fetid, uninteresting, excite, mild, flavorless, warmed-over, world-weary, timeworn, maggoty, weary, acrid, uninspired, cold, unenthusiastic, funky, day-old, plain, obligatory, colorless, inhuman, rancid, savorless, platitudinal, tired, trivial, hackneyed, commonplace, fusty, dusty, drab, unsavory, numbing, milquetoast, stereotypical, unexciting, dried, cliché, stereotyped, well-worn, listless, apathetic, leaden, indifferent, shopworn, trite, platitudinous, usual, monochromatic, dry, bad, wearisome, jejune, arid, malodorous, bored, banal, boring, tasteless, ponderous, flat, drudging, tedious, moth-eaten, nasty, sour, fed up, old, cold-blooded, stodgy, shabby, pedestrian, overused, icky, heavy, spoiled, wearying, addled, weak, bland, frowzy, humdrum, monotonous, threadbare, hack, spoilt, musty, mawkish, cobwebby, wilted, inedible, vapid, dreary, flyblown, overworked, moldy, unpalatable, dull, ratty, jading, bromidic, hackney.

enchanting, unspoiled, unhackneyed, fresh, unprecedented, spectacular, tantalizing, alluring, rip-roaring, arresting, unaccustomed, rousing, unheard-of, hot, enlivening, thrilling, gripping, awesome, electrifying, invigorating, crisp, novel, entrancing, stimulating, moving, marvelous, intriguing, fascinating, fresh-cut, beguiling, riveting, galvanizing, surprising, amazing, astounding, strong, captivating, astonishing, exhilarating, undecomposed, touching, hair-raising, mesmerizing, breathtaking, pioneering, unusual, good, charming, entertaining, warm, absorbing, engrossing, suspenseful, extraordinary, attracting, engaging, bewitching, interesting, uncommon, unspoilt, unfamiliar, involving, original, wondrous, wonderful, stirring, poignant, caller, new, spellbinding, animating, new-made, diverting, attractive, sensational, exciting, provocative, eye-opening, amusing, strange, energizing, unknown, enthralling, inspiring, fabulous, atypical.

Examples of usage:

1) " My going stale has cost you a lot of money," I muttered. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) I've been putting in sixteen hours a day lately, and I expect I'm getting a little stale. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) Verse is full of stale themes sung over so often that we almost rebel when the new poet comes along and sings over the same old story. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.