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Spell check of staff

Correct spelling: staff

shillelagh, adagio, outfit, pack, bastinado, rod, stem, Band-Aid, society, employ, checkered flag, orb, detachment, collar, color, Blue Peter, crowd, wand, ring, mental faculty, nest, take in, workforce, herd, tribe, pall, string, retinue, Jolly Roger, set, squad, faction, troupe, MC, work, group, cast, mortarboard, bunch, covey, allegro, club, bandage, baton, phalanx, talisman, retain, bludgeon, emcee, clique, school, bar, crew, tiara, uniform, company, confirm, hire, con brio, gang, mantle, hive, payroll, aggregation, body, stave, elevator shaft, manpower, shaft, fellowship, cabal, round, collaborate, rung, module, clan, machine, scepter, tartan, engage, cudgel, billy club, mine shaft, battalion, master of ceremonies, posse, coronet, force, flagpole, colony, pageantry, wing, appoint, caucus, andante, insignia, organization, con amore, ermine, serve, stalk, union, billy, team, cane, assemblage, flag, cadre, coterie, flock, mace, sap, volunteer, take on, badge, labor market, labor, fraternity, sign, braces, lag, crown jewels, recruit, assembly, compress, division, post, personnel, regalia, walking stick, help, brigade, corset, mast, clef, collection, truncheon, fleet, junta, party, labor force, bevy, waddy, pin, emblem, regiment, bunting, cell, band, cavalcade, army, drove, bar line, cover for, pool, people, sign on, corps, coalition, ensign, platoon, arr., tunnel, hammer and sickle, bearer, litter, crown, bass clef, league, signet, host, cotton ball, cotton, sect, detail, stick, profession, bat, escort, troop, nightstick, circle, mob, pole, seal, double as, faculty, complement.

Examples of usage:

1) Uncle Billy pointed with his pilgrim's staff. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) Here is a staff for you. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

3) Shall I appear to them as one who after a short rest among them will suddenly take up his staff again, or as one who has changed his mind and is determined to remain. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.