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Spell check of splashy

Correct spelling: splashy

striking, ponderous, bleached, rhetorical, grandiloquent, flashy, colored, marked, arresting, fussy, cold, prominent, blatant, splashed, identifiable, flowery, eye-catching, pizzazzy, apparent, flourishing, pompous, florid, elaborate, grandiose, flamboyant, bright, rococo, eloquent, distinct, chintzy, dashing, vain, razzle-dazzle, kenspeckle, commanding, flaring, loud, sporty, bloated, ablaze, perceptible, bombastic, shameless, showy, affected, dabbled, inflated, pretentious, bold, glossy, noticeable, jazzy, rich, gilded, bodacious, emphatic, swank, clean, ornate, lofty, garish, gaudy, obvious, show up, glitzy, opulent, fancy, jaunty, baroque, forced, flagrant, splurgy, stilted, dramatic, snazzy, aureate, brash, splattered, brilliant, flaunting, visible, boastful, manifest, ostentatious, high-sounding, pronounced, histrionic, remarkable, covered, highfalutin, color-coded, sensational, spattered, embellished, noisy, rakish, catchy, conspicuous, formal, plain, grabby, voluble, exhibitionistic.

obscure, démodé, proper, faint, hidden, out-of-date, unnoticeable, unremarkable, unaffected, bare, passé, concealed, old-fashioned, unassuming, unadorned, styleless, modest, quiet, muted, conservative, graceful, tasteful, simple, dim, understated, outmoded, unflashy, subtle, fitting, unemphatic, toned, appropriate, unobtrusive, undistinguished, unostentatious, subdued, unimportant, restrained, insignificant, unpretending, unpretentious, toned-down, elegant, shrouded, plain, unfashionable, inconspicuous, unstylish.

Examples of usage:

1) A horrid, splashy little stream? - "Castle Craneycrow", George Barr McCutcheon.

2) Why, it's the yellow carriage of that old lady with her diamonds, and her two splashy footmen! - "Mr. Midshipman Easy", Captain Frederick Marryat.