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Spell check of spiral

Correct spelling: spiral

circle, turn, battle, turbinate, scroll, rolled, winding, twine, shrink, gyrate, wind, weave, dwindle, coiled, verticillate, balloon, ball, roll, crook, swing, crescent, hand-build, decrease, band, revolve, straight, curve, reel, cone, dip, fall, horseshoe, tragedy, handbuild, verticillated, wound, whorled, cochlear, quagmire, entwine, swirl, curlicue, screwlike, ringlet, slump, decline, volute, scrolled, spin around, spin, nightmare, radial, curled, crisis, circling, parabola, helical, involute, bow, trouble, rotate, twirl, gyre, coiling, whirl, stress, wreathe, genus Helix, coil, snake, helix, lock, voluted, bowl, meander, diminish, bubble, ordeal, drop, meniscus, corkscrew, bulge, arch, whorl, curl, spiraling, crater, sinus, twist, curvature, loop, repetition.

lineal, right, straight, linear, uncoiled.

Examples of usage:

1) This church was consecrated in 1696. A peculiarity of its steeple is the fact that the spiral stairs wind upwards in the opposite direction from that which is usual. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

2) The sun does not rise and set as it does in temperate climes- it circles the horizon day and night in a spiral ascent so nearly parallel to the line of the horizon that it is a practical impossibility to determine by any possible means at hand when it is highest. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Others fetched cups of tea from the saloon bar counter, eating and drinking, perched carelessly on the ends of tables, the spiral twist of the work of their stockings telling how readily they got into and out of their clothes. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.