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Spell check of sort

Correct spelling: sort

cookie, designate, artificial intelligence, family, severalize, deploy, type, test, progress, expression, phase, work out, class, clear, break, categorize, right, cope, schedule, thread, crystallize, grain, brand, feather, integrate, persuasion, anatomy, elucidate, illuminate, authoring, break up, descriptor, queue, fall apart, port, sift, screen, split up, look, concatenate, manner, material body, manikin, background processing, assortment, being, clear up, AI, set, furcate, carriage, come apart, plan, grade, man, cast, settle, way, follow, devise, array, behavior, physique, grouping, include, change, society, stabilize, breed, part, character, order, dissever, access time, categorisation, mannequin, succeed, classify, mediate, establish, correct, enlighten, separate, categorization, contour, mixture, marshal, genre, form, riddle, stratify, rank, bearing, shield, bod, cross section, maintain, sort out, discriminate, tell apart, consort, collate, specimen, smorgasbord, make, head, demeanor, differentiate, category, alpha test, life, duck, conformation, crystalize, party, split, group, carry off, prepare, body, associate, screen out, scheme, chassis, wight, diversity, kidney, fork, get through, rate, design, stripe, program, ilk, mold, range, pattern, like, nature, creature, divide, A-D conversion, thing, appearance, rationalize, harmonize, var., adjust, ABEND, subordinate, genotype, sorting, manage, air, sieve, fix, disunite, race, crystalise, soul, guy, species, straighten out, overcome, branch, unsnarl, series, frame, phylum, single out, flesh, face, sequence, relegate, motley, secern, scout, folk, mien, ramify, score, balance, schematize, shape, regulate, structure, align, batch, normalize, shed light on, potpourri, methodize, link, egg, surmount, kingdom, person, lay out, organize, human body, plot, step, lot, configuration, stamp, affiliate, strain, unify, clan, orchestrate, layer, severalise, dispose, collect, place, variety, variant, build, distinguish, miscellany, human being, systematize, compose, taxonomy, control, customer, caste, fish, bird, genus, crystallise, authentication, soma, assort, mixed bag, classification, shrug off, chain, line, winnow, salmagundi, designation, signifier, support, pigeonhole, miscellanea, slob, label, description, individual, stiff, level, denomination, handle, people, string, arrange, manakin, block out, course, pile, discipline, heap, physical body, word form, mannikin, figure, variety show, style, tell, multifariousness, chart, humanity, personage, stock, kind, mortal, human, secernate, carve up, baby, degree, diverseness, fashion.

animal, beastie, brute, beast, critter.

Examples of usage:

1) After while sort a felt we were driftin'. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) They are really doing nothing of the sort. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

3) I don't want anything of the sort said to Dick. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.