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Spell check of sophisticated

Correct spelling: sophisticated

canny, quick-witted, refined, fine, tricky, quick, confusing, instinctual, comprehending, neat, skillful, adulterated, modern, capable, adept, dry, advance, mature, ripe, confused, exquisite, masterful, funny, tactful, alloyed, convoluted, tangled, bright, joking, elaborate, artistic, polished, intellectual, adroit, trained, classical, complicated, labyrinthine, worldly-wise, high-tech, artsy-fartsy, wily, resourceful, svelte, droll, highbrow, encyclopedic, in advance, foxy, insightful, well-informed, cogent, incomprehensible, gifted, comical, brainy, scholarly, innovative, ingenious, educated, blase, far-sighted, cultivated, doctored, worldly, charming, byzantine, cunning, intuitive, decorous, fancy, knowledgeable, graceful, loaded, thoughtful, sharp, refinement, elegant, scintillating, knotty, witty, sly, involved, sagacious, literate, involute, wise, astute, knowing, forward-looking, sparkling, baroque, difficult, urbane, labyrinthian, arty, impure, subtle, professional, clean, well-read, adult, tasteful, civil, daedal, jocular, authoritative, complicate, smooth, detailed, intricate, erudite, hi-tech, waggish, crafty, insular, cerebral, shrewd, scurrilous, intelligent, contorted, debonair, perspicacious, suave, genius, qualified, clever, brilliant, expert, knowledge, learned, advanced, instinctive, facetious, artsy, sarcastic, stylish, barbarian, deft, artful, cultured, crackerjack, inventive, pointed, smart, pithy, dignified, cosmopolitan, complex, well-bred, profound.

gullible, loutish, unvarnished, stilted, philistine, modest, uncouth, naif, lubberly, impractical, idealistic, hick, bare, stiff, unadorned, innocent, clumsy, nonintellectual, inelegant, rustic, simpleminded, uneasy, unvaried, inexperienced, classless, graceless, green, simplified, round-eyed, callow, gawky, parochial, uniform, unrefined, simple-minded, untutored, uncomplicated, insecure, undecorated, plain-vanilla, naive, gauche, uncivilized, uncritical, puerile, ungraceful, stodgy, boorish, unworldly, fleeceable, credulous, uncultured, simple, wide-eyed, homogeneous, awkward, guileless, bald, unknowing, childlike, wooden, raw, ungainly, provincial, plain, unsophisticated, churlish, diffident, no-frills, uncomfortable, clownish, oversimplified, dewy-eyed, ingenuous, noncomplex, low-tech, simplistic.

Examples of usage:

1) He went into the rural districts, where He had simpler, less sophisticated persons to deal with. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) He had in his blue silk tie a pearl so large and so white that sophisticated citizens might have doubted that it was a pearl at all- but Peter swallowed Mr. Zanti whole, pearl and suit and all. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) Her contact with reality was so immediate and instinctive that to a modern and sophisticated masculine intellect like Mr. Spokesly, or Mr. Dainopoulos even, she appeared crafty and deep. - "Command", William McFee.