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Spell check of soft

Correct spelling: soft

resist, fleecy, ripe, palatalised, directionless, pappy, unsubstantial, ability, fricative, muffled, force, namby-pamby, fluorescent, fruity, permissive, mild, daft, emollient, tender, slight, velvetlike, tractable, merciful, murmuring, thickheaded, faint, hard, aristocratical, ailing, patrician, prostrate, bonkers, affectionate, rough, wishy-washy, soggy, hands-down, light, sickly, low-key, low, brainless, pallid, fatuous, airheaded, dusky, cozy, mellow, pliable, innocuous, weak-willed, backward, painless, lithe, pinheaded, thin, velvet, prosperous, mawkish, nerveless, vacuous, broad-minded, strong, whacky, sapped, neglect, promiscuous, pulpy, misty, favor, infirm, off, blue-blooded, wooly, melodious, enfeebled, dorky, batty, girlish, downhill, faraway, benign, loco, nuts, rolling, chlorinated, small, pacific, enervated, easy, gentle, open-minded, brain-dead, meek, softish, sotto voce, overripe, pianissimo, sobby, down-and-out, napped, pureed, silky, facile, invertebrate, empty-headed, rickety, tranquil, doughy, flocculent, prostrated, fleshy, brackish, semisoft, fluent, softening, comfortable, fine, melodic, pale, temperate, low-toned, peaceful, supple, pastel, compliant, euphonious, opaque, east, juicy, drippy, lilting, loopy, plastic, simple, flaccid, weak-kneed, comfy, following, dense, run-down, dewy-eyed, romantic, low-keyed, sweet, liberal, ashen, dull, phosphorescent, bright, untrained, untoughened, cheap, flowing, piano, lame-duck, snug, limp, halogen, even, well-situated, asthenic, unintelligent, touchy, whispering, spoiled, weak-minded, royal, saline, warm, pliant, hushed, slack, palatal, libertarian, gushy, little, downy, loony, birdbrained, bland, well-to-do, murmurous, indulgent, tuneful, silken, easterly, backlit, susurrous, sonant, snap, coddled, round the bend, well-off, docile, shaded, squishy, feminine, cushiony, soppy, sentimental, sluggish, compressible, bats, lenient, ticklish, padded, kooky, softhearted, cushy, pithy, accept, soothing, wan, fanciful, balmy, cracked, buggy, slow-witted, squashy, spirant, rich, manageable, feelings, amiable, flabby, fragile, harsh, yielding, velvety, candlelit, elastic, kind, thick-witted, aerated, delicate, elementary, well-heeled, mellowing, restrained, salving, clement, slowly, starry-eyed, pasty, frail, cutting, silklike, cushioned, dopey, overstuffed, languid, moderate, resilient, tardily, weakened, gormless, caring, soughing, waxy, fluffy, mellifluous, wacky, dumb, squooshy, nutty, downlike, unsmart, genial, leisurely, sensitive, generous, pulpous, characterless, soft-spoken, rustling, tear-jerking, kookie, barmy, boiling, mashed, gusty, mumbling, convenient, doddering, gooey, feeble, aristocratic, decrepit, chuckleheaded, wanton, spineless, blue, satin, wimpy, calm, soft-footed, alleviated, around the bend, fluid, squeezable, good, doltish, ready, cottony, floodlit, diffused, tenderhearted, blond, liquid, loose, dim, limp-wristed, softened, softheaded, lunkheaded, woolly, insipid, trouble-free, forbearing, quaggy, feathery, tolerant, effeminate, milk-and-water, cheeselike, sloppy, haywire, weak, glaring, wimpish, weakling, senseless, schmaltzy, boneheaded, infrared, equable, unmanly, peaceable, subdued, relaxed, susurrant, the Beaufort scale, debilitated, undemanding, slick, biting, slow, gutless, witless, pianissimo assai, poetic, susceptible, demulcent, pampered, flexible, charitable, increase, mushy, obtuse, fat, dunderheaded, malleable, tinted, spongy, flossy, sappy, moonlit, wasted, powerless, bathetic, maudlin, effete, feeble-minded, sibilant, soupy, sleek, composed, lovesick, wet, cool, finespun, down, sluttish, muted, brushed, modest, considerate, thick, mindless, lax, palatalized, hazy, dotty, womanish, benevolent, oafish, warm-hearted, nonabrasive, flimsy, musical, bonehead, cordial, bubbleheaded, easily, effortless, dilute, satiny, nonalcoholic, gray, easygoing, voiced, spongelike, simple-minded, nice, slushy, lamebrain, quiet, whispery, shady, gale-force, well-fixed, direct, smooth, diffuse, half-witted, courteous, crackers, easeful, dim-witted.

good, abrasive, acute, intemperate, logical, apt, pitiless, concentrated, firm, misty, ultrasmart, blustery, fortified, perspicacious, intense, knotty, fit, athletic, ungentle, granitic, determined, bright, indurated, convalescing, learned, grueling, sound, sunless, recondite, squealing, strapping, raw, crafty, corneous, sage, sapient, loud-voiced, judicious, moral, rude, cunning, foggy, informed, brainy, jagged, calculating, gloomy, ethical, sagacious, invigorated, difficult, thundery, beefy, herculean, hornlike, unrelenting, able-bodied, unforgiving, supersmart, erudite, rigid, pebbly, conniving, sturdy, right, knowledgeable, squally, skilled, stressful, uncomfortable, rational, sharp, burdensome, hazy, foul, oppressive, stalwart, forcible, competent, educated, loud, taxing, intelligent, rugged, vocal, painful, well-read, resistant, plangent, astute, savage, exquisite, ingenious, knowing, inclement, formidable, overloud, obstreperous, literate, breezy, sane, semihard, foxy, irregular, harsh, steely, uninviting, sonorous, energetic, stonelike, blustering, inhospitable, al dente, fierce, unpermissive, vigorous, inelastic, toughened, compacted, heavy, blasting, problematic, reasonable, arduous, heavy-handed, nasty, scratchy, courageous, abstruse, tumid, stout, dinning, sinewy, granular, hardy, rocklike, shattering, brazen, muscular, piercing, thunderous, stiff, clever, grim, smart, lumpy, bumpy, antagonistic, clarion, violent, deafening, vociferous, unpleasant, condensed, backboned, stiffened, discerning, scathing, cloudy, red-blooded, windy, brilliant, severe, roughened, dirty, substantial, noisy, powerful, virtuous, tempered, shouted, nimble, involved, shrill, discordant, prudent, quantitative, blaring, grating, calculative, quick-witted, healthy, rough, valid, keen, forceful, alcoholic, gruff, complicated, compressed, earsplitting, roaring, complex, mighty, intolerant, solid, petrous, stern, roughening, demanding, set, raucous, cerebral, stony, crashing, shrewd, scheming, hard-boiled, showery, bleak, earthshaking, resolute, scraggy, virile, unbending, loud-mouthed, thinking, toilsome, ringing, rising, tough, erect, woody, uncharitable, resounding, inflexible, intellectual, clamorous, energized, laborious, hard, rainy, strong, strengthened, stormy, strict, resourceful, ragged, perceptive, hyperintelligent, trained, stentorian, dismal, tense, percipient, wily, thundering, sharp-witted, abrading, clangorous, strident, capable, clear, highbrow, husky, robust, vitalized, fast, unyielding, rock, brawny, onerous, velar, yelled, exhausting, intricate, principled, gusty, hale, lusty, hardened, exacting, grainy, scholarly, case-hardened, insightful, sensible, recuperating, coarse, gritty, troublesome, recovering, irritating, quick, strenuous, stouthearted, mettlesome, upright, adamantine, forte, overcast, rip-roaring, schooled, labored, uncompromising, inured, murderous, bitter, caustic, granitelike, wise, big, toilful, savvy, tyrannical, righteous, booming, broken, gray.

Examples of usage:

1) Aye, it's wondtherful, but wudn't it be nice t' take our boots off an' jist walk aroun' on this soft nice grass on our bare feet? - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) " I think I'd rather stop and speak to Miss Merton," she said with soft decision. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) " How can I ever thank you, Marjorie," began Constance, but Marjorie put a soft hand over her friend's lips. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.