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Spell check of snag

Correct spelling: snag

catch, relieve, rake, jam, incumbrance, arrest, stay, hammer blow, restrain, bottleneck, interrupt, hamper, baffle, evil, bout, disturbance, rakehell, hamstring, curb, restraint, rub, deterrence, catch-22, spoil, problem, deterrent, recess, opposition, suspend, help, frustrate, pause, knot, crimp, brake, inhibition, duty tour, chip, hindrance, drag, plug, complicate, counter, difficulty, bust, kiss of death, mar, interlude, issue, impedance, booby trap, find, limp, mire, hobble, check, binge, tear, hardship, enlistment, congest, obstacle, barricade, snarl, resist, constipation, impair, roue, hinder, blemish, harm, stain, get together, reprieve, postpone, hurdle, wipe, bicuspid, burden, burnout, disadvantage, rent, encumber, fang, resistance, joker, restriction, cuspid, hurt, canine, tusk, impasse, entrapment, thwart, hinderance, entangle, blockage, hitch, handicap, relief, delay, come by, crosscurrent, stop, land mine, obstruction, bung, riptide, open, tide rip, gotcha, cripple, deter, inhibit, countercurrent, bruise, breakage, postponement, cramp, halt, disincentive, encumbrance, gimmick, obtain, foul, mark, limited, injure, impede, blow, incisor, hiatus, suspension, split, detain, rip, damage, blight, blister, traverse, tour of duty, impediment, hang-up, get, wall, tangle, profligate, choke, interference, bring, blockade, tooth, entrap, stoppage, interruption, term of enlistment, congestion, clog, stock split, tour, complication, bafflement, cloud, break, nuisance, baggage, drawback, trouble, schism, restrict, bar, crime, oppose, molar, preventative, frustration, entanglement, blood, interval, constipate, gain, fetter, constraint, teardrop, paralyze, accept, preventive, constrain, economic rent, split up, damper, dam, disfigure, goad, block, barrier, burn, derive, obstruct.

Examples of usage:

1) The second Mukton Lode scoop,- the one so deftly handled the night of Arthur Breen's dinner to the directors,- had somehow struck a snag in the scooping with the result that most of the " scoopings" had been spilled over the edge there to be gathered up by the gamins of the Street, instead of being hived in the strong boxes of the scoopers. - "Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero", F. Hopkinson Smith.

2) I want to see what the little chap 'll do with this rattler; these blamed little bells set up a jinglin' noise every time the hack struck a snag." - "Dixie Hart", Will N. Harben.

3) I've tried to study out just how that happened to go agin the grain so mighty awful, but I'm up agin a snag. - "Dixie Hart", Will N. Harben.