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Spell check of smash

Correct spelling: smash

break up, drub, break in, do, shatter, mow down, clangor, blockbuster, pop, bam, biggie, thrash, flatten, give away, sail through, play, founder, rupture, blowout, knock up, divulge, boom out, tap, let on, assault, pinpoint, bash, transgress, trounce, success story, scoot, sweetheart, pick up, bring out, soften, arrest, haymaker, disk overhead, crucify, dish, ace, unwrap, blow, shellac, develop, work stoppage, breeze through, go, boot, rush, looker, blindside, alley, baste, swath, dive, collision, spank, pound, annihilate, rip to shreds, knockout, success, wash up, defeat, stain, fracture, lulu, splinter, shell, clack, ball girl, pummel, dab, get around, savage, expose, rift, devastate, roast, charge, squeeze, performer, operating expense, jounce, ball, undo, whomp, poke, crumble, nail, damp, bust, disfigure, clamor, give, shock, swat, stop, smasher, sweep through, blare, welt, hack, stripe, bulldoze, hit, hammer, ball boy, thud, flash, check, assail, broadside, smashingly, strike at, spoil, fall apart, vanquish, viewgraph, complete, lick, mar, scare off, leader, breakup, decimate, disintegrate, strike, breakdown, scare, sock, sink, disclose, cop, whack, break off, clap, overhead, thunder, overcome, dampen, bump, flourish, infract, corner, slap, break-dance, backhand, belabor, accident, oppress, batter, win, boom, discontinue, cross, ravisher, wham, attack, break down, biff, wear, scud, whump, injure, clout, lambaste, striking, conk out, extirpate, burst, bang up, expand, give out, prang up, jar, thump, pall, thwack, eradicate, snap off, total, breaking, kick, break, jam, tear down, raze, break out, big hitter, break away, dart, thresh, intermit, dribble, damage, jolt, fringe, demote, overwhelm, flush, fragment, ruin, hurt, eruption, impingement, frighten off, slam, collar, beat, smite, recrudesce, harm, separate, weaken, swipe, pulverize, cream, blast, command overhead, clangoring, get out, help, din, cave in, wreck, cacophony, vaporize, switch, atomize, catch, collapse, apprehend, stunner, relegate, conk, massacre, finish, ten-strike, budget items, cross up, smash-up, exterminate, plump, smashup, mash, steamroller, hitting, bop, douse, go bad, lay waste, slog, sever, rend, paste, impregnate, beauty, thunderclap, interrupt, wear out, offend, crack up, clangour, dismantle, daunt, fail, knocking, punch, wrack, come apart, buffet, die, rive, box, delivery, smear, winner, shiver, concussion, pile up, brawl, clash, the Davis Cup, slug, better, part, overpower, go against, bat, operating cost, destroy, megahit, whop, clank, split up, clip, tour de force, whang, report, knock, stinger, fillip, clang, frighten away, pause, hook, pass with flying colors, pelt, breach, give way, aquaplane, snap, bang, cashier, fall in, violate, supernova, suppress, clay, lash, desolate, shoot, mantrap, kick downstairs, peg, squash, pick, deflower, clobber, torpedo, nail down, belt, clamour, wallop, knock out, crush, cuff, thrill, reveal, break point, nab, chip, abolish, mark, larrup, sunder, pulverise, erupt, crash, let out, bankrupt, scare away, thrive, pillory, car crash, dash, peach, knock down, split, advantage, discover, level, beat out, beep, pass, squelch, demolish, chop, rap, smack, command processing overhead.

mend, join, fiasco, weld, flop, bind, dud, turkey, fasten, catastrophe, unite, debacle, loser, solder, secure, bust, misfire, failure, clinker, lemon, disappointment, bummer, washout, attach, fizzle, bomb.

Examples of usage:

1) I've never been remarkably prudent, and when I saw that you meant to hold me up my first impulse was to drive smash into your buggy. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

2) Brand, of Winnipeg, has gone down- a disastrous smash. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) That's a big smash! - "Command", William McFee.