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Spell check of slump

Correct spelling: slump

recession, plummet, credit crunch, shrink, depreciation, come down, boom and bust, rut, wilt, stun, putrefy, bury, chastise, cut, consumer confidence, fall down, downgrade, drop down, ebb, fade, turn down, reduction, tergiversate, eclipse, depressive disorder, go under, settle, buoyancy, chasten, shrinkage, right, decrease, decay, slowdown, collapse, fall away, topple, dive, diminish, falloff, compensate, routine, lower, dilapidate, austerity, drop-off, lapse, deteriorate, plunge, regress, wither, sort out, set, revert, fall apart, knock out, refuse, even up, redress, loll, slack water, crater, mire, rectify, go down, even out, lull, counterbalance, atrophy, subside, castigate, move, objurgate, cliff, slack, slouch, imprint, go downhill, posture, slide down, fallow, skid, relapse, fit, fall off, pass up, capitalist, get worse, retrogress, black out, falling off, correct, slide, sink, wane, dwindle, pass out, deflation, morass, clinical depression, depression, make up, adjust, cutback, fall, faint, rise, reject, descend, nose-dive, discipline, increase, the slow lane, failure, bad hair day, natural depression, impression, decline, economic crisis, tumble, trough, pass, slip, degenerate, descent, boom, off day, worsen, slackness, even off, moulder, dip, drop, lessening, wilderness, quag, quagmire, agronomics, low.

growth, rally, recovery, progress, boom, advancement, development.

Examples of usage:

1) He didn't answer for a moment, then trying to twist up his mouth into a smile he said as he roused himself: I fear I'm somewhat glum for a birthday party, but I've had so many of them; besides, I'm bothered about the slump! - "The Rainbow Book Tales of Fun & Fancy", Mabel Henriette Spielmann.

2) It seemed funny that Miller shouldn't make the team out and that Ole Skjarsen should have been left off; but the best of men will slump, as Bost explained, and he had picked the team that he thought would do the most good for Siwash. - "At Good Old Siwash", George Fitch.

3) Upon this, he allowed himself to slump inwardly till the curve in the back of his neck rested against the curved top of the back of the seat. - "Penrod and Sam", Booth Tarkington.