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Spell check of skirt

Correct spelling: skirt

sarong, armhole, get at, blue jeans, adjoin, telephone, shirt, dress, margin, butt against, fur, prorogue, kimono, frame in, belt, circumference, greatcoat, sari, carriage, pillbox, slacks, wall, fence, compass, dame, gentlewoman, gown, parry, circumnavigate, fedora, mackintosh, march, manipulate, jumper, intimate, sweater, blazer, hedge in, robe, footgear, housecoat, fence in, cam, shawl, defer, turtle-neck, go around, elude, pannier, headdress, ensemble, kilt, doughnut, put over, kettle, dirndl, breast pocket, pants, bound, knell, stockings, border, beat, boot, frame, deflect, palisade, chamber, chick, suburb, end, panties, phone, burnoose, overcoat, apparel, call up, smock, boundary, attire, v-neck, formal, bypass, tunic, corset, garment, trousers, sidestep, coat, clothing, evening gown, raspberry, jacket, brassiere, block, dolly, frock, crinoline, parka, miniskirt, duck, madam, trench coat, vesture, beleaguer, hat, anchor ring, scarf, edge, muu-muu, convey, smoking jacket, ancillary, rim, reverberate, Jersey, boo, band, besiege, dinner jacket, seek, ulster, dip, echo, homburg, trimming, periphery, shoes, turn off, outskirt, garb, beret, chapeau, nightgown, escape, pajamas, disconcert, shorts, surround, hem, confines, fake, engulf, fringe, hobble skirt, caftan, blouse, bib, fudge, bird, collar, brim, clothes, pull-over, shuttlecock, birdie, contain, bathrobe, tuxedo, button, hedge, suit, misrepresent, call, sweat shirt, bodice, shelve, outwit, hoopskirt, petticoat, fez, bowler, smother, topcoat, environs, wangle, cloak, environ, postpone, cape, poncho, ma'am, evening dress, halo, resound, camshaft, chemise, habit, overreach, vestment, douse, peal, ballgown, wrap, set back, windbreaker, kirtle, cocktail dress, razzing, butt on, abut, sweat suit, hiss, falsify, t-shirt, Stetson, outfox, obliqueness, culottes, circumvent, hem in, female, perimeter, cheongsam, pea coat, bilk, ring, outfit, wrapper, buttonhole, halter, coattails, lady, wench, verge, pinafore, care label, razz, snort, arm, fowl, borderline, evade, confuse, camisole, doll, biddy, raiment, annulus, detour, remit, hoot, cook, edging, ball bearing, array, pyjamas, outsmart, put-off, bearing, encircle, table, hold over, shuttle, bonnet, slicker, raincoat, enclose, dodge, tutu, imply, envelop, dressing gown, skirting, costume, flurry, dishearten, duds, Afghan, doublet, sports coat, bucket.

heart, interior, inner, core, within, middle, center, inside.

Examples of usage:

1) Her skirt was rent in places, and one little shoe had burst. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) It's here beneath my skirt. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) Mrs. Cameron's light skirt caught fire. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.