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Spell check of simulation

Correct spelling: simulation

pretension, ideal, emulation, modeling, theoretical account, mimicry, affectation, resemblance, portrayal, reflection, fraud, acting, reverse engineering, trick, pinchbeck, make-believe, cloak, exemplary, fashion model, mask, example, duplication, subterfuge, manikin, semblance, prototype, representation, poser, seeming, illusion, specimen, feigning, role model, excuse, travesty, reproduction, echo, wile, parody, framework, replication, impersonation, spoof, assumption, ruse, plagiarism, disguise, parallel, image, mirror, masquerade, hallucination, mirage, good example, exemplar, carbon, imitation, falsehood, pseudo, myth, pretext, duplicate, sham, archetypal, burlesque, air, pretence, manakin, mannequin, dissembling, copy, mannikin, pretense, ersatz, show, optical illusion, model, modelling, dissimulation, true, caricature, mockery, pretending, imaginings, dissemblance, guise, substitute, instance, color, act, fantasy, sample, counterfeit, honest, computer simulation.

sincerity, actuality, fact, guilelessness, candor, reality, simplicity, frankness, truth, honesty, openness, ingenuousness.

Examples of usage:

1) He had been profoundly moved by her words and by the deep tones of her voice, beyond any power of simulation. - "The Salamander", Owen Johnson.

2) He did not miss the thought that his theory was amazingly strengthened here- the theory that moral derangement results from excessive simulation. - "She Buildeth Her House", Will Comfort.

3) She began to yawn, for after her simulation of vivid interest in them the visit of the young men had fatigued her. - "April Hopes", William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009.