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Spell check of showy

Correct spelling: showy

boastful, lustrous, chichi, pretentious, histrionic, loud, fashionable, eloquent, stilted, vain, kenspeckle, mock, dashing, sporting, pompous, formal, glistening, prominent, stylish, grotesque, tawdry, ostentatious, up-to-date, bleached, chintzy, tacky, counterfeit, snazzy, chic, trashy, highfalutin, stagy, gilded, fancy, splashy, bright, theatrical, natty, shameless, slick, exhibitionistic, deceitful, ugly, impersonating, garish, colored, rakish, tony, emphatic, ersatz, forced, grabby, gaudy, ornate, noisy, brassy, colorful, dapper, flourishing, flashy, fake, sportsmanlike, striking, eye-catching, flaunting, gimcrack, flowery, inflated, masquerading, flamboyant, cold, brash, sensational, bombastic, rhetorical, sporty, grandiloquent, refined, catchy, lofty, facade, rich, grim, ritzy, studied, modal, florid, artificial, stiff, unsightly, glossy, ponderous, conventional, meretricious, glaring, mannered, monstrous, clean, hideous, shining, cheap, false, imposture, decorous, bloated, unappealing, fussy, fraudulent, tatty, bold, snappy, grandiose, baroque, remarkable, color-coded, conspicuous, brilliant, jaunty, coordinated, smart, bogus, rococo, unnatural, dramatic, plain, splurgy, blatant, opulent, embellished, overdone, marked, high-sounding, bodacious, ablaze, forged, commanding, unattractive, jazzy, vogue, shiny, elaborate, arresting, flash, affected, pronounced, swank, calendered, imitation, aureate, la-di-da, flagrant, synthetic, voluble, posing.

insignificant, unaffected, subtle, dim, colourless, subdued, unimportant, undistinguished, obscure, unpretending, unassuming, hidden, muted, simple, unflashy, inconspicuous, concealed, faint, plain, understated, untheatrical, shrouded, toned-down, colorless, unostentatious, restrained, unpretentious, unattractive, unobtrusive, conservative, modest, unnoticeable, unremarkable, unemphatic, quiet.

Examples of usage:

1) The stile of architecture in the inferior sort, is rather showy than lasting. - "An History of Birmingham (1783)", William Hutton.

2) It occurred to me- and I felt the bitterness of tears in my soul- that it is often the showy and futile deeds of men which men praise; and that, after all, the only work worth while, the only value of a human being's efforts, lie in deeds whereby humanity benefits. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.