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Spell check of show

Correct spelling: show

return, found, assign, bare, theater, destine, deceive, commemorate, introduce, submit, put-on, carry, record, convey, musical, come out, lead, demonstration, tell, cover, get in, represent, institute, defraud, award, plant, claim, carrel, specify, come in, pose, issue, improvisation, distinct, visual aspect, beam, repoint, disposition, memorialise, choreography, ground, manifestation, test, suggest, counterfeit, turn in, burlesque, put down, limn, melodrama, array, panorama, appearing, bearing, line of battle, manoeuvre, fake, render, utter, verbalise, drama, deliver, embody, haul off, define, smoke and mirrors, voice, shew, air, teleplay, booking, place, run through, visualize, turn out, film, try out, route, hold up, plain, memorialize, march, device, draw, walk, screen, set out, unmask, demonstrate, visualise, portray, arrangement, put across, certify, explain, land, clock, airs, stage, shepherd, skit, fork over, press out, translate, fate, guile, attest, immortalize, salute, army, form, yield, trot out, comedy, impersonate, play, misconduct, study, base, fancy, vista, hand over, command performance, production, lay down, showing, bring, entertainment, excitement, direct, vaudeville, orient, figure, duplicity, exposition, transmit, playacting, fit out, life, collection, constitute, apparently, convince, unveil, learn, flaunt, spectacle, evince, maneuver, quantify, engulf, interpret, impersonation, gift, point out, expose, depict, mark, read, evidence, depute, deceit, movie, usher, affect, bluff, bear witness, aspect, showcase, ostensibly, gimmick, appearance, view, pompously, sport, illustrate, expression, falsify, bookmobile, see, imitation, flash, point to, surrender, get, display, tragedy, exhibition, verbalize, pretend, roadshow, speech, closed-captioned, take the stand, substantiate, fair, mystery, concert, argue, describe, broadcast, guide, characterization, drive, archivist, illustration, fakery, call-in, fraud, docudrama, measure, generate, envision, pretension, give away, pantomime, taper, color, demeanor, turn up, program, immortalise, manoeuver, delineate, install, yield up, reveal, express, imposture, name, clarify, produce, facade, disguise, uncover, expo, interchange, confront, materialize, level, shape, intend, forge, charade, grip, prove, denominate, delegate, channelize, front, annals, authenticate, documentary, pace out, ostentation, look, deception, offer, steer, occasion, mannerism, performing arts, make, present, give, surface, parade, brandish, outward, bear out, curtain raiser, carnival, representation, betoken, phenomenon, forgery, confirm, semblance, card catalog, improvisational drama, double bill, audience, examine, docusoap, ostentatiously, visible, verify, aim, obvious, falseness, divulge, project, accession, presentation, feature, face, tape, private showing, give tongue to, endorse, heighten, raise, affectation, communications, picture, grow, cast, support, channelise, run, ballet, chat show, double-dealing, demo, gauge, launch, language, cross-file, emerge, essay, rise, pilot, proclaim, indication, artificiality, scan, identifiable, pull in, doom, report, lay out, charge, exhibit, event, come over, designate, start, guise, televise, Broadway, blow in, episode, rendering, mien, instal, reach, corroborate, perceptible, sham, countenance, extract, flourish, mime, bulletin, imitate, order, understand, leaven, head, come, breakfast television, point, draw in, discover, set up, fork out, debut, break, testify, unclothe, pretense, furnish, disport, say, manifest, state, trade show, art gallery, come on, measure out, luff, signal, enter, escort, flaunting, indicate, assert, denote, take, build, validate, coming into court, masquerade, networking, sound, establish, sharpen, variety, viewing, sweep over, seeming, fork up, act, try, scene, art, file, dishonesty, channel, double feature, show up, pulse, loom, pageant, suspense, provide, bespeak, make believe, weigh, sight, occurrence, check in, acquaint, retrospective, foul play, appear, register, conduct, archive, image, surge, corruption, arrive, supply, incident, target, noticeable, apparent, disclose, arise, wheel out.

conceal, genuineness, disprove, candidness, forthrightness, plainspokenness, directness, artlessness, openheartedness, outspokenness, sincerity, confute, naïveté, candor, straightforwardness, frankness, hide, bluntness.

Examples of usage:

1) We are going to make a big thing of the show now. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) " Then he came here to show it to me," said Miss Anstey. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

3) I couldn't quite see, however, how I could miss that show! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.