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Spell check of shot

Correct spelling: shot

piquance, crossfire, fling, gulp, shooter, unsettled, gunslinger, photography, jolted, bumped, nip, gun, drove, print, acupressure, jibe, golf ball, ray of light, aftercare, chip, gun for hire, knock, surmise, draft, fracture, twinge, sapidity, struggle, stimulated, room, stab, whirl, cerebrovascular accident, try, artificial insemination, artificial feeding, whack, shaft of light, anaesthesia, hastened, panorama, hit man, barb, triggerman, sally, excavation, quill, hypothesis, pinch, guessing, chance event, tanning, hurled, drag, taw, quaff, tot, opaline, ginger snap, diaphysis, piquancy, stricken, take, broken, sup, pitched, catapulted, accident, light beam, knife thrust, setting, sling, ginger nut, cover, throw, separatrix, scape, ball, crap-shooter, punch, putz, changeful, shoved, booze, flak, snap, cam stroke, assay, launched, struck, scenery, football, vista, slam, effort, hurtled, blasting, iridescent, opening, pang, cranny, rammed, catch, fissure, chilliness, chaser, beam, tanginess, coolness, assault, colorful, fired, walkover, driven, centering, dick, pounding, mutable, thrust, backdrop, poked, dribble, apoplexy, poke, fortuity, nudged, aromatherapy, pushed, guesswork, fit, tool, sight, calibre, worn out, press stud, colourful, shooting, chase, motivated, aperitif, prod, surmisal, prodded, jog, spear, drink, sip, cup, cleft, flavour, provoked, counterattack, corner, zest, quip, tantrum, conniption, photographer, snort, blastoff, exchange, bowling ball, forced, pitch, injectant, gibe, exhausted, momentum, paparazzi, jostled, tornado, alternative medicine, lobbed, moved, discharge, big, motivation, diagonal, double, pellet, impulse, savor, triggered, punched, uncertain, dive, jolt, bash, scene, nudge, critical, viewpoint, changeable, propelled, inspired, grab, firing, savour, injection, backhand, nacreous, salvo, shove, guess, piece of cake, swill, trial run, acupuncture, solidus, handball, hired gun, fermented, chatoyant, cartridge, go, encouraged, blank cartridge, lance, heaved, trial, sharpshooter, pearlescent, rotating shaft, ray, torpedo, aspect, strike, photograph, gap, charge, essay, conjecture, beam of light, delivery, cracking, view, threw, hitman, break, pass, snap fastener, photo, slash, virgule, dead-reckoning, attempt, flung, energized, slung, jigger, baseball, aggression, instigated, irradiation, endeavor, thrown, spent, digging, gingersnap, drop, snap bean, induced, attack, goaded, urged, drive-by, bullet, slug, stand, dum-dum, shaft, fire fight, child's play, beach ball, jogged, magnetized, belt, crack cocaine, offer, wounded, birdie, battered, basketball, blank, comfortable, picnic, jerked, dram, duck soup, picture, friendly fire, photomontage, swoop, dig, gunman, push, crevice, swig, buckshot, prompted, archeological site, speculation, smack, peter, elasticity, anesthesia, injured, attacked, perspective, pushover, wisecrack, snapshot, bump, breeze, luck, cross, opportunity, calamus, bat, opalescent, supposition, relish, lame, flavor, chap, bid, analgesia, impelled, chance, scissure, onslaught, blast, bandolier, fire, prospect, kaput, cinch, cut up, pic, jab, alcohol, ingestion, knocked, fusillade, fomented, out of action, caliber, enticed, sweep, occasion, black and blue, hurt.

colorless, colourless.

Examples of usage:

1) He stopped near the door and Jamie instinctively and in fear shot past him. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) " But you might be killed, or have your leg shot off- or-" " I know. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Couldn't he have a shot at some of them, at least? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.