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Spell check of shed

Correct spelling: shed

put away, disrobe, lean-to, dispel, set down, slip, ditch, spue, bedevil, fell, hut, chopped, chuck, bewilder, dump, thrust, deep-six, exuviate, disown, exude, let go, waived, lop, cashier, exhaust, put on, go down, fox, make, abdicated, drop, foregone, vacated, spend, molt, slough, swing, switch, discarded, honk, pitch, dispose of, cast off, bonded warehouse, evacuate, exfoliate, cast aside, waive, send away, discombobulate, mold, quit, hold, emit, cast, chuck out, throw up, snip, shake off, roll, eject, put, replace, blacklisted, deteriorate, fuddle, remove, eighty-six, deny, flip, secrete, mould, toss away, released, excised, trash, disallowed, blacklist, drain, cellar, caducous, toss out, cut down, sick, part with, bemuse, checked, forgo, slop, lose, cat, have, capitulate, slip away, regorge, throw off, degenerate, regurgitate, renounce, frame, cancel, surrender, disgorge, lay by, give up, cut, excrete, flatten, abdicate, disowned, strip, resigned, puke, scrap, jilted, throw, resign, seep, erupt, abandoned, excluded, eradicate, jilt, purge, mislay, vent, eliminated, run out, undress, draw, devolve, peel, spill, withdrawn, closet, reject, overlook, shear, dangle, surrendered, throw away, drop down, shuck, relegate, clip, dismiss, couch, armory, discharge, desert, toss, withdraw, neglect, check, snipped, belch, send packing, come down, give, escape from, deserted, drift, blackballed, unclad, hurl, boathouse, trashed, befuddle, pour forth, arsenal, descend, vacate, splatter, contrive, sink, discard, scrapped, renounced, outbuilding, drop off, shake, stray, retch, drip, knock off, vagabond, confuse, lower, be sick, do away with, deciduous, cubbyhole, vomit, move, wander, cast away, forsaken, plunge, armoury, jettison, do without, throw out, dribble, excise, unload, disclaimed, hurtle, overleap, divest, cull, pretermit, relinquish, moult, fall, jettisoned, rid, disapprove, denude, disapproved, bunker, miss, exclude, bare, disallow, denied, disclaim, talk, curtail, spew, abandon, put down, defect, release, woodshed, rove, redact, rejected, vomit up, relinquished, blackball, dispose, expose, cupboard, fling, strike down, radiate, range, capitulated, unclothe, expend, project, upchuck, swan, forsake, omit, deep-sixed, barred, junked, ramble, plummet, forfeit, crop, chop, eliminate, oppugn, roam, irradiate, junk, exorcise, confound, cast out, leave out, bar, leave.

use, adopt, employ, hold back, embrace, retain, take on, hold, utilize, keep, persistent, lasting.

Examples of usage:

1) He had dropped out of a rear window on to a shed and disappeared. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) He greeted Amalia with a quiet word as the big man led her in, and went out to the horses, relieved them of their burdens, and led them away to the shed by the spring. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) They returned in silence to the shed. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.