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Spell check of shape

Correct spelling: shape

balance, composition, knead, formula, precondition, array, grade, normal, stipulation, build, incarnation, counterfeit, make for, effect, dramatis personae, fabricate, fig, term, radiation pattern, square up, organise, occasion, trim, make out, bearing, function, prototype, execute, regulate, rank, systematize, signifier, bring about, hammer, var., do, spurt, underframe, integrate, countenance, frame of reference, schematize, roll, group, puzzle out, place, imagine, square off, specify, tempt, compliance, consideration, take shape, twisted, settle, variety, control, cultivate, fabric, view, mannikin, fettle, influence, determine, rule, vista, variant, skeletal frame, flesh, perform, conformity, prepare, conformation, health, create, exploit, collate, radiation diagram, experimental condition, approach pattern, adjust, excogitate, aspect, makeup, put to work, casting, score, render, act, inning, program, devise, descriptor, unsnarl, take form, categorize, status, figure out, require, see, anatomy, trope, human body, flat, framing, manufacture, air, make up, set, plan, manakin, misshapen, operate, skeletal system, solve, habitus, fitness, ruined, chassis, convention, spectacle, avatar, mien, regularise, check, broken, modulate, rate, exercise, find out, blueprint, normalize, look, plaster bandage, constitute, make up one's mind, establish, find, better, apparition, order, show, mildew, state, soma, construction, construct, practice, compel, mold, watch, support, mould, arrange, circumstance, classify, skeleton, lick, arrangement, shade, word form, estate, sort, physique, course, wraith, class, ascertain, mediate, pulp, battered, marshal, features, bring, formulate, charm, stabilize, contour line, organize, embodiment, unify, subordinate, framework, edifice, haoma, fix, pigeonhole, turn, maintain, ghost, act upon, stamp, condition, reach, structure, regularize, plot, crop, systema skeletale, frame, constrain, work on, fashion, govern, separate, sift, play, abidance, public figure, constellation, harmonize, plaster cast, habit, work, decide, image, baffle, screen, mannequin, work out, cause, bent, become, stratify, cast of characters, contour, surface, orchestrate, right, phase, do work, body-build, imprint, kilter, learn, design, number, pattern, ferment, wreak, hurl, general anatomy, compose, model, process, run, rationalize, material body, nick, keeping, display, get, sour, digit, constitution, spirt, go, appearance, spring, cast, building, physical body, bod, geometry, manikin, repair, invent, demeanor, strain, chart, scheme, forge, figure, configuration, methodize, form, schedule, figure of speech, force, type, traffic pattern, kind, name, architecture, define, fake, make, limit, contrive.

disrepair, raw material, material, disorder, substance, stuff, composition, matter.

Examples of usage:

1) Man wasn't in no shape to fight- he'd been drinkin' pretty-" " Yes- well, just do whatever there is to do, Polycarp. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) At the time I do not think they had any definite shape. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) " In one shape or other the trouble you suggested is one we will have to face," he commented. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.