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Spell check of shady

Correct spelling: shady

opprobrious, dodgy, wary, problematic, risque, debatable, sable, dubious, notorious, cloudy, equivocal, surreptitious, fraudulent, suspicious, swart, louche, light, mirthful, untrusting, shy, dubitable, disputable, indignant, outraged, suspect, laughable, lightless, sharp, veiled, silhouetted, obscured, shifty, swarthy, secretive, double-dealing, dim, wispy, opaque, fishy, black, confidential, amusing, leeward, darkened, sooty, exposed, faint, sheltered, dishonorable, crooked, mistrustful, shaky, classified, bent, risible, unrespectable, honest, shameful, underhanded, deceptive, shaded, rum, shadowy, windy, underground, peculiar, mysterious, comical, sly, secret, dreary, infamous, untrustworthy, dishonest, questionable, dusky, untrusty, slippery, uncertain, wraithlike, stealthy, discreditable, umbrageous, funny, hidden, covered, sneaking, leery, fly-by-night, somber, dark, doubtable, doubtful, incensed, underhand, curious, rummy, ignominious, vague, gloomy, furtive, odd, ribald, singular, shadowed, rogue, obscure, shoddy, disreputable, disgraceful, cool, duplicitous, nefarious, murky, guileful, fast, indistinct, contemptible, comic, dismal, clandestine, screened, inky.

effulgent, honest, commendable, blameless, bright, luminous, hands-down, aboveboard, direct, permissible, transparent, light, licensed, respectable, illuminated, scrupulous, beaming, definitive, trusty, exposed, reputed, questionless, good, obvious, glowing, principled, clear, noble, lucent, indisputable, straight, trustworthy, clean, sanctioned, brilliant, bedazzling, luminary, proper, legal, sunny, straightforward, unquestionable, lucid, lustrous, lambent, lit, guiltless, creditable, permitted, open, foursquare, indubitable, certain, radiant, crystalline, authorized, truthful, approved, exemplary, white, just, brightened, respected, honorable, reputable, gleaming, plain, open-and-shut, upright, esteemed, frank, sure, plainspoken, undeniable, candid, positive, ethical, righteous, forthright, incandescent, illumined, unshaded, unproblematic, incontestable, moral, shining, decorous, decisive, dazzling, correct, prestigious, endorsed, upstanding, undoubted, decent, conscientious, shadeless, seemly.

Examples of usage:

1) He suddenly realized the other aspect of making money in a shady fashion: that one has to do business with shady people. - "Command", William McFee.

2) Mr. Dainopoulos, for example, looked extremely shady. - "Command", William McFee.

3) To his regret he had never found that gentleman doing anything at all shady, but he had never abandoned his conviction that he would catch him some day. - "Command", William McFee.