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Spell check of shackle

Correct spelling: shackle

San Quentin, band, bridle, straight jacket, adhesion, inhibit, jug, stronghold, detain, fix, compound, tie, stumbling block, thwart, surrender, Alcatraz, inhibition, reliance, pen, adhesiveness, coop, detention, obstruction, tether, shackles, confine, incarcerate, condemn, impound, pillory, chemical bond, fetters, cage, restrict, constrict, free, collar, trammels, pound, block, penitentiary, stricture, ligature, prison, truss, handcuff, bond, silence, vise, fasten, harness, reformatory, constrain, reform school, constraint, fetter, impediment, jail, bail, restriction, lights out, detainment, embarrassment, lock up, bail bond, bar, engage, attachment, iron, Bastille, holdback, bond paper, yoke, leash, gyve, impede, alliance, sentence, obstacle, cramp, imprison, dungeon, bondage, trammel, interference, fence, oblige, let, prevent, blockage, keep, bracelet, stockade, oubliette, cooler, check, restrain, gaol, stop, constriction, prisoner, penal colony, manacle, capture, subjection, irons, clog, compel, hurdle, hamper, jailhouse, disturb, crimp, balk, cuff, gag, hindrance, hobble, pinion, hunger strike, captivity, handicap, chain, tie up, hinder, bind, drag, secure, bond certificate, cell, keep from, adherence, confinement, control, conjugal visit, deterrent, dependence, brig, leg irons, lockup, restraint, trammel net.

stimulant, incentive, untie, unfasten, boost, advantage, spur, loose, stimulus, unbind, assistance, impetus, catalyst, set free, free, edge, unloose, break, benefit, handmaiden, help, goad, aid.

Examples of usage:

1) When Christians were proceeded against it was under laws that did not aim primarily to shackle liberty of worship or of opinion. - "A Grammar of Freethought", Chapman Cohen.

2) It is like boundless hope, delivery from every shackle, absolute freedom of motion through space. - "Paris From the "Three Cities"", Emile Zola.

3) His enemies broke in, dragged him from the very altar, and a smith was ordered to shackle him. - "Old Church Lore", William Andrews.