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Spell check of sensitive

Correct spelling: sensitive

maudlin, cranky, tippy, thoughtful, minute, surreptitious, astute, metier, reactive, tender, impressible, tactful, polished, beautiful, bare-assed, hard, tenuous, susceptive, touchy, unsanded, excellent, slight, frail, warm-hearted, exquisite, deeply felt, impressionable, reasonable, stormy, sympathetic, tense, natural, apprised, discriminating, lovesick, receptive, comminuted, affectionate, excitable, difficult, handsome, huffy, crusty, medium, tough, defensive, culture medium, rash, hypersensitive, cutting, sharp, soulful, irritable, friable, elegant, acute, tempestuous, warm, passionate, clear, nice, secretive, peeled, sore, alive, hot-tempered, nervous, splendid, crude, squeamish, in the raw, poetic, dewy-eyed, tricky, combustible, fanciful, clarified, body, gooey, perceptive, gentle, fiery, careful, feverish, in the altogether, breakable, feelings, good, underground, sensory, schmaltzy, untoughened, sensual, Pavlovian, incisive, penetrating, sensible, impulsive, familiar with, new, sentimental, dainty, shadowy, keen, delicate, unstable, judicious, easy, arduous, bare-ass, volatile, punishing, mass medium, mawkish, probing, fine, cognizant, volcanic, sloppy, photosensitive, smooth, soft, fragile, short-tempered, highly sensitive, sensational, discreet, flimsy, ticklish, heart-felt, bleak, afflictive, complicated, small, lovesome, raw, taxing, fond, challenging, politic, painful, secret, radiosensitive, sensorial, susceptible, mysterious, thin-skinned, vulnerable, mad, moody, sentient, appreciative, ardent, responsive, crank, aware, sappy, discerning, sensuous, naked as a jaybird, romantic, trenchant, nociceptive, high-strung, explosive, prudish, reckless, quick-tempered, hair-trigger, light-sensitive, slender, erogenous, clandestine, confidential, weak, gauzy, feeling, in the buff, starry-eyed, psychic, mushy, generous, kind, touch-and-go, refined, oversensitive, diplomatic, pure, observant, caring, edgy, subtile, ability, spiritualist, mindful, rude, subtle, crumbly, brittle, classified, thin, stark naked, emotional, awareness, prim, attentive, demanding, conscious.

deadened, dull, insensitive, callous, rude, indurate, dead, unclassified, soulless, blunt, painless, great, unreactive, huge, pachydermatous, heavy, immense, thick-skinned, coarse, numb, unaffected, insensible, stout, big, thick, large, clumsy.

Examples of usage:

1) Well, they're sensitive enough now, I understand the situation. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) But though I have faults, I am not the less sensitive. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) Nevis was not particularly sensitive, but something in his companion's manner brought the blood to his cheek. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.