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Spell check of secure

Correct spelling: secure

desexualize, practiced, set, potent, argue, tightened, unafraid, shielding, restore, certain, heap, absolute, latch, land, score, gain, certify, touch on, rock-steady, tighten, underwrite, solid, protective, get together, abduct, up, lure, screen, infrangible, bag, self-assured, net, countersign, belief, trustworthy, inviolate, uphold, garner, preserve, desex, stormproof, open, tie down, steady-going, impregnable, well, just, fortified, batten down, sure-fire, save, safe, determined, promise, salutary, confident, secured, achieve, bond, draw, constrain, support, defend, cook, ready, pay in, respectable, retort, assure, sacrosanct, protected, see to it, calculable, bar, tried, fix, inviolable, amass, upright, cavernous, substantial, fend, ward, accept, in safe custody, rigid, defended, unattackable, backfire, capture, safety, estimable, beneficial, carbuncle, pocket, immune, annex, tight, join, oppose, snug, self-confident, true, guaranteed, buffering, colonial, protect, wary, honest, armored, closed, brownstone, wrangle, sound, bolt, shielded, reliable, claim, carpeted, buffer, trusty, rebut, palm, bold, cautious, trustable, dense, catch, guard, bonded, sustain, strong, seize, guarantee, win, block, check, shield, furbish up, reap, obtain, ripe, established, batten, barricade, borrow, pay back, arrest, respond, counterattack, collect, pay off, fastened, stabilize, acquire, ascertain, control, get, in force, self-possessed, unharmed, add, insure, undecomposed, good, corner, conceptive, affirm, repair, stop, assume, all right, seal, innocuous, hard, occupy, attitude, shut, reassure, stand up for, bound, cover, find, proud, dependable, beachfront, counter, stiff, vouch, gear up, burglarproof, unopened, lock, sealed, warrant, come by, firm, able, fetch, full, jam, steady, hermetic, unsex, bastioned, collar, purchase, effective, moated, procure, unerring, countering, situate, warranted, undertake, see, pin, proficient, retrieve, airtight, shelter, receive, inexpugnable, punch, clenched, safe-deposit, appointed, fixate, resist, derive, sheltering, avoidable, forceful, clinging, warm, infallible, safety-deposit, limit, debit, pander, adept, unspoiled, guarded, police, fearless, answer, plug, ensure, preventable, right, fasten, bulletproof, untroubled, take, honorable, unspoilt, sheltered, assured, conserve, close, in effect, unshakable, stop up, tense, posit, bring, incur, tried-and-true, sterilize, mend, sterilise, self-asserting, prepare, plug away, watertight, baronial, dignified, tenacious, continue, watch over, promised, steadfast, sure, pledge, guarding, buy, detain, comfortable, skillful, defensive, clip, certified, burned-out, bank, attach, make, maintain, accumulate, responsible, stiffen, battlemented, doctor, sturdy, avert, safeguard, tie, tell, fast, bushel, connect, define, covert, near, free, dear, credit, harvest, desexualise, serious, weatherproof, taut, skilful, apprehend, fail-safe, stable, restrain, mortgage, determine, return, harmless, alright, unassailable, hold, unfailing, expert, out of danger, specify, snare, assertive, set up, reply, untouchable, controllable.

harmed, menacing, quiet, fickle, jittery, reserved, bashful, threatening, shady, subject, unfaithful, untried, vulnerable, jumpy, unsafe, doubtful, debatable, meek, dismiss, false, lying, problematic, insecure, endangered, inconstant, mousy, suspect, free, imperiled, unguaranteed, open, unassuming, humble, dishonest, treacherous, threatened, questionable, liable, set free, disputable, susceptible, release, traitorous, dangerous, hurt, violable, demure, self-reproving, mendacious, risky, untruthful, unfasten, unpretentious, dodgy, disloyal, overmodest, recreant, undefended, shy, unprotected, hazardous, precarious, timid, liberate, overanxious, damaged, unassured, dubious, exposed, diffident, perfidious, faithless, shaky, unconfirmed, injured, unreliable, modest, fishy, discharge, wounded, parlous, scathed, uncertain, unguarded, untrue, doubtable, unsecured, minatory, deceitful, unsound, undependable, nervous, perilous, untrustworthy, unassertive.

Examples of usage:

1) Camp was pitched on a secure old ice field. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Glenning began to realize that his position was secure and his future assured. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) His one hope was that another of the flying arms might not reach him and secure his other arm, which fortunately was his right. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.