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Spell check of section

Correct spelling: section

bank, bond, matter, divide, voice, substructure, portion, variance, annex, break up, catch, dissever, patch, character, branch, bring back, item, cauterize, cut, medium, particle, constituent, consort, double-blind, parting, surgical incision, blank, sector, crowd, desk, animal rights, area, piece, cabbagetown, bale, coda, dent, air division, codicil, bleed, role, elbow room, brief, theatrical role, angioplasty, camber, nabe, club, central reservation, naval division, article, foot, array, dance band, office, band, crush, part, departmental, contribution, domain, circumcision, hectare, attachment, separate, locality, busload, filament, instalment, corner, sectionalization, bevy, assemblage, mockup, affidavit, assembly, component part, appendectomy, assortment, department, detect, conveyance, brass band, back office, scratch, boy band, carpool lane, detection, unit, incision, armpit, member, D and C, cutaway, ensemble, gamelan, annexe, age group, numerator, district, assemble, neighborhood, detail, segmentation, break, biopiracy, cantonment, exploded, empirical, atom, agglomeration, catheterize, subsection, batch, girl band, partition, denominator, arsenal, barrio, infinity, factor, block, covenant, constellation, distance, colostomy, burbs, combo, figure, customer services, class, arm, attend, element, share, rood, abortion, partitioning, anesthetize, effigy, headroom, cesarean, amendment, contents, anatomize, caesarean, attention line, bicycle lane, slit, chicane, plane section, percentage, subdivision, division, function, chunk, agora, brownfield, bit, acre, passage, bend, footprint, criminal record, contract, connection, collection, circle, casting, expanse, component, clearance, bypass, C-section, bike lane, persona, quarter, sectionalisation, borough, box, battery, control, dissect, miniature, territory, gap, cast, region, third, chromatography, clause, fragment, cardboard cut-out, feature, slice, zone, ingredient, chamber orchestra, divisional, air pocket, material, fraction, acquisitions, anaesthetize, cloverleaf, segment, bandage, half.

sum, totality, whole, total, composite, aggregate, compound.

Examples of usage:

1) Like the violent sections of all other parties, they injure and discredit the party they belong to, and they often attack the more moderate section with greater bitterness than their common enemy; but they certainly belong to socialism, both in origin and in principle. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) I took mercy upon him at this point and turned down a side street leading toward the residence section. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) She's on the next section, and it's quite a long one. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.