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Spell check of seat

Correct spelling: seat

bottom of the inning, baby-sit, gift, piece of tail, derriere, indue, groundwork, position, cheeks, foundation, sit around, can buoy, rear-end, hunkers, layabout, female genital organ, gallop, apartment, loafer, lavatory, recliner, profession, stead, bum, empower, bottle, scum bag, chair, edge, endue, take in, cram, accommodation, canful, trade, back tooth, capital, settee, rat, substructure, arm, sit-down, tooshie, cabin, dissolution, full house, armchair, chaise longue, center, throne, rocker, cater, tin, prat, campstool, backrest, chaise, place, chesterfield, put, thwart, heart, induce, screwing, chalet, armhole, cigaret, dismount, so-and-so, ply with, tail end, hind, command, breech, crumb, induct, privy, vest, central, topographic point, foot, rump, stinkpot, swivel chair, pose, bottomland, posture, chamber, backside, rear, curl up, audience, rumble seat, croupe, bury, butt joint, focus, posterior, model, fanny, shtup, spot, canter, buttocks, aerie, box office, caboose, enthrone, bar stool, cattle auction, lav, stooge, base, empennage, nucleus, support, sit, straight chair, bag, behind, basis, lieu, the Dail, invest, cynosure, booty, care label, tail, bridle, stub, eye, commit, bed, disaster area, puke, croup, bunkhouse, goat, commode, back end, haunches, navel, cradle, space, apartment building, adorn, furniture, initiate, box, accommodate, office, roll in the hay, underpinning, tin can, adobe, bottom, core, coattails, fundament, stern, do-nothing, nexus, hindquarters, cornerstone, stinker, post, cuddle up, breast pocket, back, bungalow, billet, sedan chair, break in, lawn chair, undersurface, tail assembly, captive audience, hind end, flop, clothe, sofa, diet, hams, keister, nourish, saddle, quarter, dumping ground, fitting, crate, bareback, hassock, can, duff, skunk, down, axis, equestrian, armrest, stool, constituency, center of excellence, coffin nail, epicenter, destination, heinie, bib, parliamentarian, anchorage, ground, deck chair, bodice, female genitals, git, shoes, Dodge City, mecca, understructure, parliament, floor, concertgoer, merchant ship, merchantman, lounge chair, potty, shadow, entomb, house, swing, shadower, piece of ass, lay, freighter, chaise lounge, bathroom, pew, bucket seat, endow, underside, substratum, laughingstock, locus, dissolve, fag end, ride, cigarette, boarding house, john, dust trap, moviegoer, bun, over, crapper, bed down, nerve center, buns, station, dining chair, lower house, mosh pit, omphalos, after part, buttonhole, dirty dog, plaza, female genitalia, collar, nooky, butt end, nates, groom, property, hub, collapse, home, berth, ottoman, idler, bunk, chateau, tush, fall, lay on, settle, job, hunker down, serve, situation, feed, bench, ground zero, rotter, target, piazza, buttock, couch, blank space, headquarters, embed, footing.

Examples of usage:

1) To suppose more than one source of spiritual life or more than one seat of judgment is against reason. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) Peter Junior went back to his seat, and waited a while, with his head in his hands; then he lifted his eyes to his father's face. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Amalia took a step away from the door, and her mother returned to her seat by the fire. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.