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Spell check of scratch

Correct spelling: scratch

irritate, pelf, arise, legal tender, notch, section, clams, trash, enrol, loot, inscribe, jar, set off, etch, stigma, bankroll, gull, imperfection, come, starting time, dollar, clock, chance on, bell ringer, change, stops, tap, stain, swag, booty, fall, tarnish, doodle, knead, bull's eye, cole, muster, come upon, boodle, bunker, grind, harm, ways and means, come in, click, surface, marker, dick, scrub, rumple, dough, currency, vex, rift, putz, home run, efface, excise, buzz, uprise, muster up, beginning, crank, fall upon, net profit, capital, rile, damage, enter, scrape up, squeeze out, money, target, deoxyephedrine, line up, bill, pricking, write in code, bank note, condense, scrawl, promissory note, bogey, gnarl, scour, deform, tender, draft, strike, fleck, fret, kink, peag, note, mug, dead heat, lolly, scraping, write, disfigure, chicken feed, shine, kickoff, boil, nick, son of a bitch, roughen, come up, blackhead, stamp out, advance, go on, income, clutch, impinge on, interfere with, rise, whoreson, transcribe, disable, needful, dirty money, wipe, kowtow, shekels, chips, skin, frazzle, borecole, summon, abrade, hold, cough, guide, splotch, collide with, spot, funds, walk out, ice lolly, clack, encrypt, ingot, clatter, record, OK, ahead, gash, clip-clop, crunch, call off, suppress, silver, eat into, wampum, invalidate, shabu, coinage, dash, bread, kale, enroll, backswing, issue, distort, dot, rub, cabbage, black eye, set down, fall guy, scratching, earnings, receipts, lift, commencement, dramatize, chip, safe, call up, continue, bump, vacate, fortune, distortion, move up, get hold, coin, print, bruise, gelt, rankle, hit, colewort, kail, rag, scrape, ruffle, birdie, flaw, captain, erode, lesion, hold back, eyesore, startle, outset, attain, score, lollipop, come to, budge, sore, wallet, creak, blot, dent, unhurt, jump, first, methamphetamine, hack, greenback, starting, strike down, blemish, babble, cypher, detrition, expunge, spoilage, chance upon, chafe, cash, annoy, light upon, find, caddy, copy down, scab, bedsore, gold, wad, go up, taint, copper, cut, drawback, happen upon, get at, long green, blight, pat, fracture, undo, false start, net worth, unscathed, ascend, captaincy, peter, incision, cipher, blow, net, engrave, staff of life, break, coarsen, starting signal, burn, strain, assets, start, dinero, money order, carbohydrate, net income, prize, lettuce, corrasion, encipher, code, genuflect, eat away, defect, drop back, cicatrice, compose, affect, IOU, cut down, wound, injury, nugget, obliterate, handling, scuff, pockmark, transfer, scrub up, shut off, gag, puss, spoil, rasp, soft touch, mark, grade, manhandle, refined sugar, call, chalk, baton, bogie, clash, commissioner, abscess, bob up, wart, profit, roll, breakage, get down, methamphetamine hydrochloride, worth, crisscross, unharmed, brush, proceeds, rally, run, head start, cut into, moola, lucre, nark, treasure, itch, take, delete, choke, hurt, erase, strickle, chump, shunt, impress, come across, starting line, scar, fray, niggle, green, deformity, discoloration, moolah, bucks, mint, deface, contact, sign, disfigurement, assume, excoriation, append, sculpture, recruit, slit, injure, draft in, cultivated cabbage, brand, ding, come on, pocket money, burnout, excoriate, ice, speck, sterling, offset, nettle, check, balance sheet, all right, petty cash, bench, compress, safely, gravel, tool, run into, touch, bond, adapt, autograph, meth, stock, scrabble, breadstuff, gall, cacography, impurity, plunder, wampumpeag, burble, cross, pass, wealth, take up, get to, purse, beat, saccharide, scratch up, discover, fault, get-go, clangor, pounds, athlete's foot, bowdlerize, sugar, surgical incision, grate, sculpt, cancel, jack, chou, fool, cicatrix, bullion, annul, grinding, glass, kill off, censor, weal, ace, defacement, abrasion, blister, patsy, attrition, spending money, gross, fuss, blotch, freckle, propel, gouge, mar, marking, profits, clink, rise up, coupon, pillage, grasp, bother, grave, scribble, shaft, wherewithal, discolor, simoleons, popsicle, grip, move, buff.

Examples of usage:

1) Happily for us, our little schooner escaped with only a scratch. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

2) Shouldn't I like to scratch her! - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.

3) If we only knew what fine motives he has for his meek endurance, and how he loves a friend who will scratch his nose! - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.