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Spell check of scourge

Correct spelling: scourge

terminator, smite, burden, depopulate, struggle, waste, destroyer, drub, desolate, run off, harry, bane, penalty, strap, evil, hold back, correction, embarrass, agonize, iconoclast, thrash, whammy, nemesis, vigilante, ill, holy terror, punishment, afflict, squander, expletive, hiding, count against, cancer, contagion, abandon, ware, forsake, emaciate, demolisher, torture, stickler, doom, infection, flay, pound, misfortune, cane, do in, flagellate, infliction, inhibit, knock off, cudgel, flagellum, worst, pommel, cord, beat up, affright, liquidate, anguish, plague, bastinado, beat, blister, praise, scarify, excoriate, slash, oath, hex, overcome, neutralize, chastiser, conquer, lay waste to, defeat, grinch, consume, attack, execration, macerate, mare, beating, headache, switch, annihilator, ravage, curse word, excruciate, critic, slap, slam, score, swearing, task, spank, brat, flogger, batter, stun, jinx, rot, rip into, disadvantage, blow, panic, lash, castigator, affliction, little terror, bludgeon, diva, terror, hothead, poison, languish, woe, throttle, scorch, necessity, castigate, stick, torment, corporal punishment, purist, perfectionist, pine away, bring up against, devastate, whip, punisher, let down, roast, vanquish, murderer, thump, desert, smack, neutralise, chastise, swearword, punch, shrew, calamity, bruise, menace, ruiner, surpass, strike, scathe, wet blanket, flogging, rack, chore, avenger, belabor, flog, cuss, help, curse, hit, condemnation, threat.

advantage, solace, aid, guard, security, safeguard, windfall, defense, assistance, surrender, redeemer, gift, godsend, help, fail, safety, felicity, pleasure, shield, manna, protection, good, blessing, consolation, fall, delight, joy, armor, support, boon, relief, vindicator, comfort, ransomer, go under, benefit, go down.

Examples of usage:

1) Then came the war scourge, and the old order passed. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) Miss Tredgold remembered a young- very young- sister of her own who had reached Pauline's age, and then quite suddenly had become melancholy, and then slightly unwell, and then more unwell, until the fell scourge had seized her as its prey. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.

3) So late as 1813, thousands of the inhabitants fell victims to the much- dreaded plague, brought hither from the East, where the seeds of the scourge seem to be only slumbering when they are not bringing forth fatal fruit. - "The Story of Malta", Maturin M. Ballou.