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Spell check of scour

Correct spelling: scour

even, sweep, vomit, rub off, be sick, cat, spue, scratch, puke, disgorge, cancel, troll, comb, cleanse, dredge, purify, regurgitate, sponge, sort, abrade, regorge, lave, cast, throw up, rub, spew, rifle, winnow, redden, level, scrub up, scrub, probe, honk, seek, disinfect, corrade, purge, sick, dig, pry, scrape, peer, forage, rinse, flush, mop, look for, even out, blush, peek, wash, search, sanctify, clean, vomit up, put on, retch, hunt, rummage, sluice, crimson, abrase, ransack, chuck, call off, upchuck, dust, rake, brush, wipe, rub down, sift, inquire.

contaminate, besmirch, besmear, debase, bespatter, soil, befoul, hide, corrupt, sully, spoil, neglect, lose, taint, abandon, stain, vitiate, pollute, ignore, deprave, defile.

Examples of usage:

1) " Of course," he said bitterly, " I shall at once scour the heath, like a police dog, on my hands and knees. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.

2) This immense building, with four school rooms, four dormitories, dining rooms and many other apartments, are all under the management of seven Sisters, who attend to every thing, even wash and scour the floors, dress and teach the children. - "Eight days in New Orleans in February, 1847", Albert James Pickett.

3) What was to be feared was the scour on the down- stream- far side- slope of the " fill." - "Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero", F. Hopkinson Smith.