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Spell check of score

Correct spelling: score

imperfection, chalk up, disfigurement, dozen, get to, nominate, run into, strike out, amass, statistics, agree, gap, manifest, malt whisky, triangulation, million, marking, come down, punctuate, come by, composition, integrate, note, computation, course, census, docket, normalize, allegro, chorus, soft touch, quintet, account statement, waybill, algorithm, dot, calculus, bed, micturate, strike off, unify, thrive, piddle, give, fit, notch, have, bass clef, disfigure, drove, clef, musical score, acquire, presume, range, right, plan, scab, class, receive, mug, linesman, distortion, teens, fleck, blues, thought, lullaby, count, speck, vocalization, annex, clear, procure, jack up, abrasion, place, log, comic relief, qualify, scratch, fact, palm, crevice, andante, crisscross, tick, blank-book, song, tick off, number, tot, aside, total, chronicle, match, novel, bang out, arrearage, splotch, digest, journal, get through, collate, rate, make believe, blemish, print, worst, annals, weal, blowhole, scale, stock, bring in, build, add, summary, collect, consider, abundance, earn, drawback, hundred, test, MARKS, deform, reckoning, fail, story, annual, budget, gauge, assist, chip, bill, stabilize, surmise, gradation, documentation, accumulate, grade, abyss, estimate, arithmetic, rack up, trillion, prepare, screen, conclude, scrape, con amore, system, work, arrive at, album, transcript, slash, stigma, sexual conquest, malt whiskey, jillion, much, aria, blister, rift, file, arrange, repertory, structure, defacement, find, type, relieve oneself, grad, shoot, crater, whole, abrade, roster, regulate, suppose, set, calculate, separate, addition, categorize, check, gross, constitute, scheme, melody, take in, syncopation, freckle, cloud, support, concerto, collide with, quantification, dictionary, brand, catch, differentiate, damage, serration, calibrate, journalize, spend a penny, channel, classify, lesion, mop up, beat out, octavo, serenade, measurement, bump off, consideration, get, roll, judge, itemize, pockmark, tot up, pad, treasury, stigmatize, retake, mediate, corner, indebtedness, atmospherics, thesaurus, sonata, bull's eye, hundredfold, scroll, calculation, host, cleft, approximate, registry, reckon, fracture, action, flock, clip, billion, remove, plot, evaluation, information, harmony, level, list, arrangement, record, accept, draw, news report, slit, inventory, obligation, ground level, down, garner, logbook, pull in, sevenfold, chop, cut, thousand, grievance, document, baton, fool, schedule, quantify, purchase, army, deal, diary, shape, bury, ruck, decade, multitude, add up, rank, couple, whip, patsy, bomb, report, aggregate, all, figure, carol, invoice, discolor, menu, findings, lie with, cleave, datum, officiate, mass, know, survey, store, engrave, jog, taint, mark, claim, spot, register, eyesore, audit, create, summate, divide, get ahead, succeed, storybook, conclusion, ready, concert, fourscore, mark off, yearbook, defect, win, subordinate, incision, tote up, hack, pairing, rationalize, catalog, stimulate, nick, fetch, compute, collection, mainline, guess, construct, pip, correspond, quantize, ca-ca, mob, frame, flourish, mathematics, adagio, program, home run, add together, serrate, multiplication, lay down, hold, stigmatise, incur, appraisal, sixfold, cash book, wrangle, division, incise, blast away, gain, four, valuation, compose, legion, lexicon, stratify, array, split, account, discoloration, mar, marshal, business relationship, schematize, bank-book, denouement, net, deadlock, summation, establish, fall guy, sum up, assess, pair, ad-lib, wart, big, study, marker, articulation, quantity, table, music, tag, news, fix, spoilage, nock, flunk, distort, hymn, tarnish, chalk something up, balance, jazz, sleep with, weigh, quartet, denounce, inference, abuse, wee, psalm, grand, hurt, enumerate, arrears, tier, cut out, card, name, concede, devise, A to Z, accounting, drop, OD, secure, achieve, derive, caller, wee-wee, appraise, make up, notice, deduce, blotch, daybook, statement, octagon, realise, systematize, method, bell ringer, group, instrumental, bar, evaluate, estimation, scrapbook, bag, act, kink, ledger, pile, dispatch, pock, settle, bebop, cranny, cross off, measure, indentation, slay, accompany, polish off, prosper, amount, take a shit, presumption, cast, scotch, attain, arr., sextuple, tally, cut up, gash, liability, summarize, take a leak, tabulate, harmonize, degree, realize, understand, ballet, get together, back, con brio, average, judgement, reach, induce, make water, spoil, aperture, history, control, commentary box, chart, puddle, cross, resit, crowd, workbook, horde, gibe, jibe, stool, gull, pee-pee, lace, harvest, duo, octet, deformity, hexad, notebook, detail, swarm, reap, attack, off, orchestrate, heap, win out, produce, seduce, multiply, determination, impinge on, methodize, resentment, cross out, sore, air, sort, sleep together, blast, backstory, value, do, scar, form, pocket, stain, pass water, impurity, order, buy, take, tune, etch, dip out, index, decennium, comprehend, call, throng, think, itemization, consummate, assessment, pretend, septuple, strike, calendar, land, approximation, grudge, label, capture, indent, fault, deduction, content, recount, book, symphony, check off, sign, recording, ballad, enumeration, make, determine, flaw, scuff, target, cause, benchmark, distinguish, cavity, commemorate, supposition, pass, lure, assume, chump, cushion, blot, progress to, octave, algebra, hit, bar line, maintain, duodecimo, brace, design, organize, throw, retrieve, foursome, bring, tablet, word, write up, lithograph, adjust, sum, stumble, come to, deface, pigeonhole, lyric, pit, triangulate, explanation, data, make love, take a crap, infer, sift, cook, unsnarl, finely, contrivance, ditty, obtain.

asset, repayment, quietus, quittance.

Examples of usage:

1) I rather suspect she is little subject to fear upon any score, replied Crow. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) My mind is easy enough upon that score. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) My anxiety now is on a very different score: it is that she will still refuse me. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.