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Spell check of scanty

Correct spelling: scanty

picayune, skimp, unsatisfactory, brief, pinched, unattained, excess, beggarly, microscopic, little, narrow, deficient, partial, short, dwarfish, sectional, minimum, unaccomplished, paltry, concise, pantie, meagerly, meagre, patchy, slight, casual, piddling, spotty, exiguous, sparse, sparing, toy, poor, spare, scrimpy, weeny, ungenerous, itty-bitty, miserly, skimpy, scarce, fractional, boot-cut, big, wee, scant, bare, small, immature, teeny, clingy, segmental, teeny-weeny, light, bantam, minor, incomplete, minute, barely, smallish, best, negligible, inadequate, pocket, teensy, scrawny, only, undone, thin, miniature, step-in, diminutive, scrimp, minimal, insufficient, missing, puny, flyspeck, unfinished, succinct, lacking, nugatory, tiny, baby, backless, trifling, hand-to-mouth, discontinuous, delicate, measly, modest, slender, embryonic, baggy, petite, meager, fragmentary, button-through, stingy, unachieved, mere, few, slim, compact, button-down, low, A-line, panty, unfulfilled, curtailed, niggardly.

enough, teeming, plentiful, abundant, fat, proliferative, sufficient, flourishing, copious, liberal, extra, bountiful, luxuriant, ample, fruitful, adequate, surplus, blooming, fecund, rich, lavish, fertile, swarming, excess, satisfactory, generous, prolific, tolerable, plenteous, thriving, bursting.

Examples of usage:

1) Early in the morning his sheep were on the move; he had to follow them over the range; about noon they lay down on the hill- side, and he stopped to eat his scanty meal. - "Two Years in Oregon", Wallis Nash.

2) Their stores were but scanty. - "Two Years in Oregon", Wallis Nash.

3) And so the food which was given to him in St. Patrick's house seemed poor and scanty to him. - "Fairies and Folk of Ireland", William Henry Frost.