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Spell check of saturate

Correct spelling: saturate

allay, douse, impregnate, watered, sate, instill, awash, balanced equation, suffuse, action, full, sodden, wipe up, satiate, dry, sopping, bedraggled, deluge, saturated, water-soaked, stuff, submerge, quench, soused, gorge, flood, aerate, watery, glut, pack, immerse, the carbon cycle, engorge, logged, bond, assay, swamp, satisfy, seethe, soaked, adsorb, infuse, behavior, bathed, fill, wet, drenched, pervade, drench, penetrate, squirt, jam, stock, soaking, prang up, rinse, infiltrate, crowd, steep, transfuse, appease, soak, behave, slake, inundate, bang up, charge, soppy, tincture, dripping, slosh, washed, overfill, cram, gratify, dampen, engulf, waterlogged, knock up, wring, shower, permeate, choke, pack in, sop, soggy, hose, drown, doused, moisten, freight, imbue, sluice, souse, calcify.

droughty, arid, dehydrated, sunbaked, freeze-dried, sere, wrung, baked, watertight, waterproof, water-resistant, dry, bone-dry, water-repellent, waterless, parched, thirsty.

Examples of usage:

1) Flinging the hood back upon her shoulders, she turned her face upward to the sky, and seemed as if seeking solace from, the cold deluge that poured down from the clouds- the big drops dancing upon her golden tresses, and leaving them as if with reluctance to saturate the silken foldings that draped her majestic form. - "The White Gauntlet", Mayne Reid.

2) How long does it take to saturate the market on each planet? - "A World by the Tale", Gordon Randall Garrett.