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Spell check of sags

Correct spelling: sags

curves, cambers, bows, hooks, crooks, droops, bends, swerves, hangs, sways, lolls, draggles, dangles, swings, arches, nods, trails, drapes, bobs, sweeps, rounds.

Examples of usage:

1) Usually, an air- brush operator will accomplish as much in one hour as a hand or bristle- brush worker will in one day; and it is possible to obtain an even coating, free from sags, runs or brush- marks and better results are obtained than with the hand brush method. - "Advanced Toy Making for Schools", David M. Mitchell.

2) And sometimes, as the leapers catch, the bar sags full four feet, and then, as they " snap off" down to the net, springs nine feet up, so that Weitzel's head has many a time bumped the top support. - "Careers of Danger and Daring", Cleveland Moffett.

3) The cool air sags, Heavy with the thickness of bodies. - "Precipitations", Evelyn Scott.