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Spell check of sack

Correct spelling: sack

give the gate, pannier, nett, departure, displacement, break, liberation, kindling, strip, assoil, light up, judgment of dismissal, spark, destroy, pad, outpouring, knoll, dismiss, vault, obliterate, loss, theca, kip, evict, mutilate, freeing, bunk, sort out, realize, retire, faulting, vandalize, acquittance, squirt, throw out, termination, duty period, lighting, burn, burn down, pass, cask, shed light on, jab, end zone, brighten, rout out, firing off, cup, thrusting, devastate, bottle, pull in, bladder, firing, drone, container, go to sleep, dismission, gouge, case, crowd out, lay off, mound, pink slip, trunk, poke, can, geological fault, gain, top, hammock, scoop, drive out, send away, pension off, backfield, bag, pouch, emission, preempt, illuminate, fuel, eject, put up, carry, earn, reservoir, squeeze out, barrel, take in, move, expelling, switch, exit, loot, inflammation, ax, straighten out, purse, trash, satchel, ransack, release, wallet, lick, decanter, dissolve, reticule, clout, paper bag, shelf, elicit, dawdler, repository, pillage, notice, doss, go off, sackful, pack sack, body bag, crystalize, waiver, shift, boatload, box, fault, lagger, kindle, tray, apprize, stop, raise, brush aside, flask, boot, tank, send word, jabbing, crystalise, bagging, basket, blitz, reave, going, locker, sacking, sac, web, shimmy, open fire, closet, trailer, Midland, garbage bag, hay, hummock, cupboard, net, terminate, push aside, chemise, ignore, drum, garget, cartload, acquit, evoke, bootleg, bring in, thrust, bounce, stomach, carrier bag, school bag, air hole, plunder, pay off, foray, suitcase, vat, solve, rack, electric discharge, bucketful, outlet, slip, electric arc, armful, lair, rouse, arc, end, dismissal, crystallise, transmutation, passing, slug, fracture, removal, keep, give the sack, exonerate, shift key, teddy, gunnysack, sacque, storage, ruin, notify, crate, bowl, bucket, vent, finish, hillock, sack up, press release, saddlebag, ladle, drawer, handout, displace, give the axe, spoil, bin, grab bag, drop, belly, expiration, force out, give notice, chest, ravage, crystallize, air pocket, judgement of dismissal, unclutter, button, biff, fire, exculpate, jug, receptacle, brush off, elucidate, cabinet, enkindle, disregard, despoil, apprise, authorize, shatter, enlighten, shifting, American football, run, conversion kick, rifle, clear, depose, sleep, laggard, provoke, violate, pocket, pigeon berry, dessertspoon, tin, transformation, make, spill, work shift, ignition, arouse, realise, cease, gunny, holder, shopping bag, advise, discount, tone ending, jar, gunny sack, scoke, ease out, usher out, give the bounce, venting, boxful, authorise, discharge, switching, punch, handbag, clear up, eat away, spillage, poking, send packing.

employ, engage, hire.

Examples of usage:

1) Then, while walking across to the marble table where his letters were always placed, the young man was astonished to see on the floor a large half- filled postman's sack. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) He ran to wet his sack, and saw that it was Blumenthall himself, foreman of the Double Diamond, who drove the team. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Where do you think you're going with that sack? - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.