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Spell check of run

Correct spelling: run

count, lighten, industrial, overtake, bag, line, take out, tube, darted, streak, channel, commission, Aspen, elapse, mesh, false start, batting average, tip, slide by, go across, come up, live, raced, scurry, belt along, put to work, afloat, sprint, put up, swan, bid, booking office, reach, evanesce, influence, egest, harmonise, happen, hold up, test, continue, production, expect, get out, eat, move, manoeuvre, gush, express, fail, campaigning, tumble on, hurry, triumph, turn tail, defraud, mellow, choke, fall out, govern, impress, maneuver, running, grow, locomote, counterfeit, electric discharge, sail, run away, drop dead, assemble, dethaw, administrate, leech, glide by, contain, boundary, stand for, displace, top off, phlebotomize, manoeuver, dally, flow, do work, overhaul, arr., color, full house, leave, shoot, get, unfreeze, continuity, home run, grind, beat, exist, thaw, scampered, course, case, cast, attain, rule, hotfoot, thrive, call, predominate, conk out, actuated, crank, liquefy, baton, supply, mobilize, bookable, draw up, barrel, lock, hightail it, baseball, circuit, fiddle, assort, crest, dismissal, persevere, put out, turn, fleet, zip, buttonhole, board, baseline, pass by, slip away, soak up, spark, direct elections, crossing, find, fly the coop, abrade, whiz, scooted, balk, miss, fade, form, draw and quarter, nip, galloped, conk, trifle, manage, delay, operate on, stalk, activate, feast, watch over, process, return, impart, convey, flush, scour, head, stretch, get by, safari, act, roll, chase, hang in, die back, scrambled, hie, sweep over, stretch out, prompt, orchestrate, cultivate, average, dig, stockpile, industry, cruise, place, bucket along, flowed, pass on, hang, depart, conduce, kick the bucket, hand, finish, drag, sacking, take to the woods, ran, sway, make, bar, bounded, clear, spread out, countdown, pull back, lean, unknot, incite, show, scram, draw in, candidature, trotted, vary, stream, dispose, electric arc, track, expand, lick, die hard, pull out, go on, over, propel, grade, range, draw out, mellow out, budge, shifted, fold, ahead, advance poll, expedition, smuggle, mental testing, crusade, come across, take up, escort, fit in, abide, transmit, sink, trial run, scurried, series, overflow, thresh, motivate, perish, tally, blacken, pasture, dead heat, incline, behave, action, diddle, crop, stripe, withdraw, make for, playact, snuff it, televise, pervade, bucket, make a motion, slope, shape, acquit, brave, mould, dream up, foot race, start, bowler, abet, mold, affect, disappear, distribute, pop off, exceed, spring, represent, sour, communicate, scramble, bear, make pass, affiliate, sound, give-up the ghost, cantered, sop up, pace, stick out, work on, brave out, kraal, footrace, take the field, drop back, secede, heliskiing, act as, cricket, shift, energize, carry out, draw off, clock in at, relocated, unravel, slip by, croak, chair, chicken run, rip, press, blend, trot, have a bun in the oven, chip, go bad, fuse, roam, touch, suck up, psychometric test, get going, pump up, boil away, thread, concord, impel, rub, broadcast, movement, arc, step on it, precede, exam, screen, hold on, command, flight, unfold, hasten, climb, provide, plump, expelling, Gabba, brook, expire, escape, depict, stray, excursion, untangle, scoot, bat, eventually, care label, day trip, meld, skedaddle, haste, pound, melt down, stand, haul off, report, plunge, funnel, reap, heighten, extort, hustle, last out, support, fall, beam, spell, engulf, burst, fertilise, go back, comport, pitch, relocate, onslaught, bake, chairlift, operate, push off, whisk, dealer, rocket, transited, blackmail, runner, release, went, firing off, rend, ply, discharge, burn in, zoom, crease, era, charge, transfer, rushed, blend in, cause, authorize, tilt, occur to, arm, ball boy, proceed, be given, cover, swamp, melted, venting, publish, do, grip, cards, actuate, graze, contribute, crawl, cash in one's chips, commit, gestate, clear out, feed, stirred, inflation, top, pucker, roleplay, unscramble, inflate, scat, par, blow, run short, thrust, cloud, suffer, play out, stay, obtain, go through, author, bypass, canter, flail, catch, come about, fight, pan out, quit, call up, carry on, fly, recreate, blow up, streamlet, eviscerate, at bat, come to, result, book on, running game, coax, gone, trial, buy the farm, steer, print, cast up, political campaign, take in, solve, retire, fulfill, enter, ball, get off, inner-tubing, plunged, hurried, emission, encounter, chute, archive, administer, surge, back up, commute, come over, use, tolerate, run for, force, eject, exploit, buff, lapse, hightail, go off, vagabond, lay, sprawl, booking, exploration, cannonball along, evaporate, thawed, splinter, function, coursed, resort, fulfil, rasp, breast pocket, break out, hound, reverse engineering, walk on, mental test, rill, flick, moved, legislate, farmyard, paddock, map out, hemorrhage, come out, toy, wander, dominate, seek, pull in, approach, barnyard, tend, succession, chip off, refer, offer, absorb, batsman, liberation, dash, chafe, natural spring, quarter, attract, block, belong, sack, phlebotomise, duration, beauty contest, whirl, dawdle, channelize, head for the hills, creep, swoop, fraternize, concentrate, transferred, pelt, take off, torn, superintend, come on, ultimately, make it, firing, black market, spiel, go, fall down, burn, outflow, go away, reach out, meet, lam, corral, trail, access, put down, solid, bleed, persist, wager, pen, epoch, widen, festinate, grand slam, rive, ravel out, split, outpouring, balance, runnel, ladder, waiver, lead, angle, unpick, ballpark, boil over, sit, straddle, get away, position, take, forge ahead, roller, track down, melt, diffuse, chad, bolt, prey, prolong, describe, give, productive, run low, exercise, armhole, fall behind, officiate, tribulation, pack, brighten, visitation, perform, list, well, downhill, pass away, field, electioneering, spill over, passed, dashed, travel by, election, finalize, base, near, hobnob, harmonize, walk, help, hold out, give out, serialize, disenfranchise, repair, post, used, organize, candidacy, campaign, go past, fit, guide on, moderate, prevail, troop, ball girl, disembowel, look after, bound, push, coattails, bubble, splash, consort, gray, examination, ease, endure, luge, shove off, barrage, pulse, apply, pull, unthaw, control, numeration, ferment, stir, hang out, race, remain, rush, guide, break down, boil, date, deliquesce, break away, browse, rush along, vamoose, scarper, scuttle, come off, scamper, ride up, capture, be active, hug, feed in, military campaign, put, serve, array, distance, dissolve, work, pour, break, forge, transit, live on, effort, fall into place, occur, dismission, canvass, by-election, stomach, bus, eliminate, performing arts, span, channelise, play, transport, imbibe, exsert, sequence, break loose, ram, dawn, bustle, hunting expedition, occupy, bowl, draw, bib, flit, work out, supervise, mfg., die, puzzle out, tear, order, deliver, tie, hunt down, meander, digest, agree, bootleg, reckoning, boil up, broaden, hit, lay out, abduct, extend, turn over, aboard, drift, rifle, fertilize, hang on, flood, engage, settle, stab, devolve, planned obsolescence, stretch forth, elude, overstep, dissolved, wreak, proceeded, put in, bodice, wing, rivulet, excrete, puff, fan out, sprinted, break off, bump into, enumeration, atomize, running play, highball, plan, finally, bud, conduct, execute, cut out, menstruate, carry through, fix, bombardment, budged, disperse, cater, associate, string, take on, knead, hunt, batboy, pass off, jogged, persuade, strike, shepherd, bunk, lope, hap, exit, elect, automated, come in, trace, be, clock, way, stick, cross-country skiing, reign, progress, point, ravel, arrange, flirt, carry, last, flash, delineate, dart, day, route, rove, aisle seat, protract, survive, go by, become, act upon, go along, run into, blow over, bleach, put to death, deport, get in, weather, bloom, bunch, authorise, drive, ramble, set, norm, think ahead, liquefied, come, pass, rate, collar, stock, score, transcend, decease, flux, deal, fountain, strain, accord, direct, tubing, counting, loped, speed, hold, put across, binding, breathe, give way, poke out, deepen, mogul, tryout, travel, shed blood, spend, pelt along, agitate, pile, lie, meet up with, wear, surpass, rank, scratch, permeate, tore, dribble, circulate, take place, dummy, accomplish, bet, chapter, figure out, herd, gallop, hang around, set out, jog, factory, think, change, blossom, thrash, bring.

idle, tick over, malfunction, misfunction.

Examples of usage:

1) Can you run an auto? - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) I'll run over there to- morrow. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) Run, she may want to wear it to church. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.