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Spell check of rule

Correct spelling: rule

conquer, adjustable wrench, doctrine, restrain, bridle, better, level, consider, hold, box end wrench, catchword, get hold, motto, overtop, overshadow, recipe, regularise, prowess, govern, government, judge, determine, usual, ordinance, get ahead, shape, predispose, radiation diagram, regularly, customarily, court, boss, design, adage, will, obtain, direction, sway, micrometer, prosper, run, decree, preside, line, dominate, transit, motivate, domination, charge, power, endure, feel, mastery, standards, prescript, importance, triumph, line up, bellows, habit, saying, norm, prescription, imprint, steer, inform, bias, conduct, mark, mediate, expression, coordinate, draw, implant, hulk, receive, succeed, execute, rationale, bump, rank, practice, flourish, blowlamp, discipline, die hard, formula, order, ascertain, code, head, win, notice, dethrone, mandate, overcome, grip, regularize, pilot, supervise, issue, sovereignty, outline, etiquette, see, teaching, achieve, policy, pattern, vernier, principle, morals, find, Lord, master, witness, hold sway, regime, carve, get, declare, chemical formula, course, lead, draw rein, ethics, appraise, generally, radiation pattern, regulating, conventionalism, sextant, bring forward, referee, condition, precept, calipers, regulate, commonplace, hypercorrection, straightedge, custom, adjudicate, incline, grammarian, applicator, enter, administer, encounter, over, influence, coronation, concordance, seniority, eclipse, subordinate, blowtorch, instruction, proclaim, prescriptive, motivation, persist, rein, administration, happen, reformulate, prevail, chance, ruler, direct, throw back on, rod, dominance, curb, retrieve, district, abdicate, find out, T square, institute, depose, commoner, bit, awl, axiom, compass, tape measure, supremacy, protractor, parse, blueprint, grasp, circle, harness, accession, manage, yardstick, incur, management, gauge, find oneself, predominance, regain, tower, normal, regulation, sentence, approach pattern, control, figure, log, resolve, traffic pattern, grammatical, loom, announce, come up, linguistic rule, saw, pressure, discover, conscience, convening, accede, detect, engrave, rubric, square, jurisdiction, pronounce, overlook, conventionality, byword, ordinary, edict, vanquish, decide, generative grammar, regularisation, pull, bidding, swayer, surmount, politics, command, superintend, habitually, streak, assess, dictum, win out, territorial dominion, authority, observe, Allen wrench, commission, territory, dictate, coordination, oppress, render, grammar, canon, tackle, proverb, oversee, credo, thrive, law, predominate, dominion, mark out, address, bradawl, scale, dial, convention, regularization, rein in, crown, reign, directive, arbitrate, notify, mold, recover, governance, moral, form.

comply, yield, obey, submit.

Examples of usage:

1) When He disappeared from earth and sent the Holy Spirit to them, what remained to them was God's kingdom within them, His true rule over their spirits, their assimilation to Him in all things. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) It was supposed that his wife could not take an interest in matters of business, or in things of interest to men, so silence was the rule when they were alone. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) It is their nature, and perhaps that is how we love them most, but the men should rule, for their own good. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.