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Spell check of round

Correct spelling: round

troll, rophy, geometry, shine, discoid, convoke, ringlike, expand, championship, syndrome, campaign, hang, corpulent, level, plump, circuit, go, whole, bombastic, bullet, sideboards, gather, number, captain's table, mellow, metre, capitate, sag, charm offensive, unit of ammunition, some, bent, bend, lamp stands, daily round, arched, beauty contest, workbench, the Commonwealth Games, exposit, bout, corner, environ, binary, conducted tour, concentric, electioneering, rundle, cumuliform, wheel, drink, sonorous, sweep, double-digit, expound, inexact, accomplished, flying visit, straighten, card, open up, orbitual, detour, camber, round of drinks, flesh out, arced, bandolier, cartridge, contest, shape, moon-round, tumid, calculable, turgid, moonlike, brush up, rotary, bite, open house, disenfranchise, complete, traffic circle, caliber, rung, rounded, swerve, pad, roofy, orbiculate, circle, blank, fill in, call, coil, bike, bogie, fine-tune, stave, just about, oscillation, counter, bye, tour, cycle per second, lap, cluster, expatiate, clear, labialise, smooth, box, orbicular, range, spin, assemble, sound, bar, chubby, disklike, tea table, backswing, visit, obese, globular, act, discoidal, average, kitchen tables, captain's tables, smoothen, desk, nightstand, roundish, consoles, polish up, utter, orotund, polish, entire, pure, part, dining tables, look-in, clash, annualized, review, annular, counters, global, routine, rough, labialize, staff, indivisible, direct elections, set on, potbellied, process, console, lot, declamatory, rope, or so, generous, election, cps, pass by, hexadecimal, rhythm method, good turn, resounding, hertz, dining table, full, desks, bare-knuckle, workbenches, pulsation, bowed, shave, bantamweight, angular, meter, get together, weighty, record, fatten, closed, attack, dress circle, turn, unadulterated, potion, forget me drug, bulblike, twist, lag, total, blank cartridge, hook, turntables, orbital, convene, finished, bust, in-depth, form, globoid, avoid, roughly, consumption, lash out, lucubrate, operation, bench, bow, elaborate, binge, work, bars, band, challenge, spell, cross, batch, precise, outright, bed, turn of events, rotund, series, beatnik, buffets, finish out, cycles/second, down, about, arch, whorl, one shot, bogey, buckshot, nightstands, curve, roundabout, thorough, infusion, measure, tubby, calibre, fill out, pick-me-up, chad, cycloid, close to, expansive, dishonor, elect, crook, divisible, benches, regular recurrence, fatten out, muster, crown, buffet, assail, beverage, roly-poly, plangent, refine, coccoid, enlarge, nutlike, outrage, tea tables, encircle, aggress, birdie, turning, kitchen table, round out, ringing, play, approximately, snipe, bit, even, cake, bulbous, round off, plumpish, coffee tables, vibrant, concave, dum-dum, courtesy call, pudgy, liberal, bunker, group, sharpshoot, cycle, Cup, whirl, can, assault, surround, trolling, drop, good, refresh, bowlful, done, collect, heartbeat, eke out, lamp stand, spheric, asymmetrical, decimal, c., more or less, spherical, round of golf, boxing, caddy, chunky, sideboard, bowl, advance poll, crumb, circular, dressers, loop, aerodynamic, fat, plump out, turntable, deform, perfect, close season, ace, speech rhythm, summon, round down, pear-shaped, cadence, extensive, clean, table, cylindrical, approximate, bicycle, dresser, oval, tear, trail, ring, resonant, pulse, beat, whistle-stop tour, around, spoke, ravish, circuitous, circumnavigate, curl, make out, flak, large, nectar, pass, globose, dishonour, arm-wrestling, fatten up, coffee table, count out, reshape, set, refreshments, tables, near, rhythm, violate, looped, dilate, musical rhythm, flatten, zaftig, circumvent, congregate, calendar method, boxer, by-election, ball-shaped.

square, squarish, thin, squared, quadrate, exact, right-angled.

Examples of usage:

1) Show you round a little. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) We just went on from day to day, playing round with each other and our friends, and we were very happy.... - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) But you'll have to come round in the end. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.