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Spell check of rock

Correct spelling: rock

flutter, emerald, wag, wobble, agitate, amethyst, beryl, bed, sandstone, dance, gravel, rock'n'roll, alternate, outcrop, meteorite, convulse, waver, bhangra, magma, didder, vibrate, flurry, inclination, teeter-totter, bluff, rock-and-roll, shale, limestone, spar, obsidian, sedimentary rock, librate, cliff, mosh, perturb, sway, alarm, rock music, list, throw off, flake, shake up, bedrock, precipice, chalk, background music, scare, brilliant, disco, shake off, marble, bluegrass, wave, backup, bebop, stir, chill, intimidate, foundation, stagger, rock candy, throb, stand out, jar, lean, diamond, blues, controversy, aquamarine, oscillate, persuade, escape from, discompose, excite, disceptation, reel, jig, acid house, backing, frighten, carry, brandish, mineral, joust, jive, igneous rock, reef, radiate, metal, stimulate, calm, escarpment, support, quake, garnet, rock 'n' roll, music, defense, cradle, disturb, baguette, crag, argument, stone, boogie, joggle, scree, pit, thrill, pulse, gyrate, flap, fluster, aquifer, palisade, ruffle, rattle, seesaw, startle, heave, contestation, cut in, pop, jolt, pitch, bob, agate, panic, tilt, churn, funk, leaning, roll, bother, bounce, shudder, gem, pulsate, totter, basalt, contention, judder, gemstone, shake, careen, lava, flint, quaver, jounce, cavort, jewel, fluctuate, promontory, disquiet, endocarp, unsettle, terrify, repetition, shiver, pinnacle, granite, pebble, chip, shingle, toss, undulate, wall, sliver, tremble, ambient, tick, steppingstone, sediment, metamorphic rock, beat, carbuncle, upset, arguing, stratum, boulder, disputation, quiver, vacillate, ore, acid jazz, distract, crystal, swing.


Examples of usage:

1) In a few hours he would be with his family at Rock Hall. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) The big man led the animals farther on and sat down with his back against a great rock, and waited. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) It forms rock- masses in some places. - "Geology", James Geikie.