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Spell check of robust

Correct spelling: robust

whole, powerful, plenteous, red-blooded, broad-shouldered, peppy, acid, concentrated, athletic, plush, big-boned, fine, operative, full-bodied, flavored, iron, wholesome, spry, high-powered, productive, heavy-duty, sturdy, lively, durable, hale, rich, formidable, copious, acidic, solid, normal, big-shouldered, effective, determined, mettlesome, salubrious, bouncing, big-chested, plentiful, virile, irresistible, brackish, driven, able-bodied, stalwart, fit, blue, big, husky, chipper, juicy, fat, tough, chocolatey, helpful, vital, deep, spicy, functional, purposeful, muscular, bitter, sinewy, dedicated, full, gingery, persistent, hearty, cast-iron, useful, potent, lusty, rugged, chesty, burly, valuable, well-conditioned, fiery, hardy, naughty, racy, gamey, astringent, well, efficient, ample, motivated, stubborn, buirdly, competitive, sedulous, fertile, bittersweet, dynamic, beefy, gamy, tasteful, firm, stout, forceful, flush, square-built, healthy, square-shouldered, strong, stable, unrefined, heady, brawny, heavy-armed, mighty, worthwhile, risque, insistent, sound, practical, vigorous, chocolate, ambitious, energetic, strapping.

enfeebled, weak-kneed, wasted, invertebrate, weak, spineless, uncertain, ailing, sickened, characterless, unhealthy, sluggish, watered-down, light, frail, undernourished, lazy, differently abled, enervated, mild, effete, rickety, halt, tasteless, prostrate, poorly, malnourished, insecure, lackadaisical, diffident, sickly, lame, torpid, bad, debile, tired, diseased, crippled, impotent, unwell, unfit, lethargic, powerless, diluted, sapless, weakly, languid, dull, gaunt, wimpy, afflicted, fragile, troubled, incapacitated, debilitated, feeble, dilute, listless, unsound, weakened, wan, nerveless, run-down, worn-out, wishy-washy, thin, sapped, disabled, prostrated, spiritless, challenged, refined, emaciated, decrepit, soft, ill, sick, indolent, broken-down, thinned, faint, watery, haggard, limp, infirm, delicate.

Examples of usage:

1) There remained only the chief engineer, a robust gentleman who conversed hospitably on all subjects in a loud voice but invited no confidences. - "Command", William McFee.

2) She was never robust in health, being delicately strung, and of a highly nervous temperament. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

3) She was, after all, a girl of robust good sense, and could smile bravely as she put an illusion by. - "Hetty Wesley", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.