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Spell check of rise

Correct spelling: rise

leap, attire, show up, modulate, mutiny, dough, make grow, double, overturn, come on, go up, ride, go down, upswing, overture, echo, thin, monopoly, deepen, skip over, destabilize, towering, might, hump, mount up, arise, jump off, color up, source, oligopoly, coat, dash, formulate, catch, mature, emanate, straighten up, mounting, rising slope, build, acceleration, succeed, procession, wax, try out, appeal, escalate, revive, wave, renegade, cast up, upgrading, uprise, prepare, boost, elevator, forward motion, affirm, engulf, near, emission, bring up, acquire, go far, compound, scratch, highland, draw near, flood, upraise, wage increase, sneak, bound, place upright, burn down, distention, turf out, dune, germinate, test, rig out, spring, defect, plagiarize, crust, decrease, chute, stick out, prove, blush, chase, bone, muster, onward motion, pinch, escalation, bring down, get, pick up, insurrection, start, bait, plagiarise, alternate, rear, grow, parent, uptick, recede, demonstrate, grip, magnify, rotate, domination, sit up, train, cliff, devise, flow, bristle, evidence, choke, cite, parachute, augmentation, proceed, deafen, swell, prosper, minimum wage, work up, trick out, starvation wages, shew, augment, pass over, break, fall, testify, gain, scrape, growth, multiplication, allow, accretion, show, emergence, wane, blacklist, fancy up, prink, snowball, proliferate, farm, approach, inflation, come near, hiking, cost increase, reverse, upsurge, drain, income, aggrandize, inauguration, ascension, sweep over, line up, commencement, lay up, repeal, fountain, issue, resist, splay, establish, provoke, rebel, expand, abstract, retire, soaring, come out, loft, derive, more, surface, face lift, eclipse, preferment, dress up, howl, achieve, blow, ascend, modernise, bring, get on, claim, skip, float, highlands, upgrade, enlarge, pilfer, acclivity, supplement, try, exclude, stand, emanation, flame, belong, eject, bestride, levitation, summon, evolve, turn, educate, enlargement, draw close, win out, muster up, uprising, enhance, earnings, revolt, climb on, progress, swot up, sit, opening, nobble, initiate, burgeon, creation, occupy, swipe, chuck out, advance, ski tow, explicate, bakery, flourish, hook, greatness, salary, rally, feeler, power, organize, soar, find, set, stick up, foothills, deck up, wind, abed, elevation, snarf, set up, spring up, poppyseed, scale, jump-start, beef up, leavened, develop, ascent, face lifting, boycott, call, authority, full moon, orbit, hop on, nip and tuck, sink, go off, raise, trick up, rhytidectomy, grind away, bear witness, pay, fount, addition, shift, uplift, pile, tog out, extend, mug up, ski lift, lift, drum, kick up, expansion, arising, freshen, burst, overdress, jumpstart, organise, climb, purloin, wage hike, fall away, lash, burn, add to, essay, examine, originate, rescind, cabbage, appear, rebellion, downs, erect, put up, hold water, quaver, gust, rhytidoplasty, boot out, rising, advancement, bear, resurrect, roll out, full, turn up, vacate, salary increase, promotion, rise up, hike, performance-related pay, nurture, spread out, progression, living, encouragement, leaven, elevate, mound, fig out, move up, scrape up, thrive, filch, heighten, pulse, lie, cut, erode, go in, countermand, bone up, cosmetic surgery, accession, tog up, inception, recrudesce, hill, fell, come over, beginning, anger, foment, produce, revoke, multiply, turn out, come, come up, put on, course, get ahead, bake, early bird, surge, modernize, cram, lie in, crest, startle, stem, improvement, wage, keep up, upland, intensify, addendum, run, preference, sinking, climb up, butte, origin, upspring, exalt, stand out, jump out, burn up, derail, uphill, betterment, arrive, hold up, aerodynamic lift, rustle, step-up, ascending, leap out, altitude, flush, force, prominence, maturate, appearance, initiation, concentrate, bob up, explosion, subside, ring, spurt, exist, annoy, escalade, bluff, outset, run up, increase, leadership, gussy up, mount, knead, reduction, drop, proliferation, build up, dislodge, go on, swot, channel, crusty, color, tumble down, heave, facelift, amplify, reach, deck out, plus, turn off, hang, levitate, arraign, agitate, hoist, climbing, gray, jump on, control, increment, machinate, eminence, fade, grow out, airlift, come in, reverberate, bring before, fig up, sharpen, accrual, raising, get hold, annul, cash advance, harden, get up, jump, stand up, switch off.

deduction, downslope, lie down, plunge, downgrade, degradation, nosedive, dethronement, discharge, drop, bottom, wane, impeachment, deposition, sit, shrinkage, expulsion, lowland, retire, dingle, abatement, lie, floodplain, dismissal, dale, turn in, reduction, declension, vale, hit the hay, get into bed, flat, subtraction, comedown, decrease, diminishment, plummeting, demotion, lowering, down, overthrow, plop, fen, depletion, falloff, loss, go to bed, downfall, depression, hit the sack, descend, dell, sit down, valley, tidewater, plain, abasement, fall, glen, declivity, go down, sinking, set, lessening, crawl in, hang, descent, ouster, dip, downhill, declination, sack out, hanging, decline, suspension, step-down, basin, diminution, go to sleep, kip down, decrement, drop-off, go under, unseating, removal, bottomland, hollow, dive, come down.

Examples of usage:

1) It was Mrs. Caswell's turn to rise. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) " Rise up, dear," Anna said, " an' tell me about it." - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) In the heart of the boy anger and fear for Nell began to rise. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.