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Spell check of ring

Correct spelling: ring

ting-a-ling, host, think, rout, sonority, shout out, limit, circumvent, clack, realm, school, contour, phone, prize ring, rabble, parry, insignia, barbecue, hem in, circularity, aggregation, cut off, bumper car, hall, coffee machine, bloc, badge, fringe, tip, smother, square, troupe, bantamweight, pin, assemblage, striation, nest, rim, deafen, carousel, ferris wheel, scream, crowd, union, hive, band, panel, flock, bell pull, pack, crew, domain, forebode, coven, ornithology, anklet, yell, collar, division, herd, boxing, basket, crescent, facet, cell, beleaguer, buzz, cone, resonance, field, fraternity, Colosseum, clan, chain, fighting, ingroup, plurality, crown, plangency, lot, glory, area, setting, litter, high wire, dodge, staff, coil, answer, quality, large number, mark, roundel, nature, jingle, wing, bounce, roundabout, repeat, frontier limit, parade, galère, reflect, vibrancy, adjoin, drove, covey, aspect, turf, inner circle, envelop, bevy, barbie, bracelet, face pack, work party, imprint, take a hop, tiara, stage, monopoly, predict, mantle, wicket, ding, coffee maker, loop, component, areola, arena, bang, environ, sect, team, string, community, ermine, fade, pulsate, recollect, resile, anticipate, factor, beep, elude, telephone, swell, enclose, multitude, peal, dial, outline, campus, bowl, gang, busy signal, spring, ringer, orb, draw, call up, semicircle, phalanx, syndicate, gallery, coast, call off, blind, procession, perimeter, name, coterie, roar, hemisphere, crime syndicate, bare-knuckle, send for, commission, encircle, birding, butt against, burner, peculiarity, straight, verge, abut, group, property, broiler, rally, butt on, platoon, gloriole, sport, blender, curb, palisade, balloon, combine, call, wand, recoil, brigade, colony, region, orbit, boundary, complement, holler, hippodrome, banding, frame in, nimbus, costume jewelry, shout, body, canvas, mobilize, disk, resound, ball, corner, mobilise, hollo, mark out, jewelry, sonorousness, cameo, grumble, deepen, brooch, go off, clapper, conspiracy, stria, anulus, reverberate, compass, engrave, province, flash mob, bulge, foretell, make noise, frame, set, circus, seal, fence, mortarboard, margin, address, cross, clank, ground, racket, assembly, formation, tinkle, sinker, call back, auditorium, kettle, contain, put off, aura, skirt, aureole, scale, border, league, bunch, fellowship, duck, junta, circle, anchor ring, carve, party, cooker, cadre, dance orchestra, hoop, fudge, fold, detachment, network, choker, Mafia, clique, cabal, emblem, extremity, theater, mob, club, regiment, camp, precinct, caucus, bubble, tribe, posse, room, enclosure, bird watching, donut, geometry, bangle, uniform, round, ringing, bout, chimes, clown, circuitousness, call in, caterwaul, prognosticate, periphery, talisman, association, recall, fleet, isthmus, circuit, noise, brink, clash, blast, arm-wrestling, streak, courtyard, resonate, busy, halo, coalition, box, wheel, twitcher, promise, beater, custard pie, ornithologist, tartan, boxer, trace, fence in, surround, scepter, march, ding-dong, cirque, detail, bailiwick, pen, force, clip, precipice, boom, circlet, speak to, battle-ground, purr, bid, regalia, company, army, faction, brim, count out, feature, dance band, gyre, chime, ricochet, hedge, bring forward, toll, gymnasium, police, outfit, tintinnabulation, collection, doughnut, battlefield, murmur, squall, amplify, trust, rise, jangle, sharpness, rebound, battalion, big wheel, sidestep, circumference, colander, annulus, troop, cry, pool, wall, organization, locale, big top, coronet, family, row, baton, side, clang, closed-chain, blare, retinue, link, signet, combination, retrieve, stripe, eye, beat, remember, evade, rope, edge, visit, hum, echo, flume, caller, confederacy, rumble, knell, pall, reverberance, amphitheater, bound, besiege, cartel, basketball hoop, dominion, engulf, bell, ping, society, support group, squad.

individualist, loner, open chain.

Examples of usage:

1) His escape in that direction was cut off, and the distance to the ring below was fully half a hundred feet! - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) " Aye," Jamie said, " an' th' oul bell's got a fine ring." - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) Ring for it then, Jean. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.