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Spell check of rigid

Correct spelling: rigid

censorious, immovable, unbending, unfaltering, hard-line, blunt, raw, tough, buckram, chilly, brusque, inelastic, soaked, strict, nonindulgent, stiff-necked, flexible, semirigid, firm, unmoving, dry, heavy-handed, demanding, austere, obstinate, piquant, resolute, frosty, unshakable, tart, inexorable, compact, meticulous, morose, unalterable, sozzled, inalterable, blind drunk, soused, squiffy, sharp, dense, besotted, located, unwavering, placed, acute, tight, curt, correct, plastered, unrelenting, severe, taut, stark, authoritarian, keen, incompliant, cool, short, iron, steady, cast-iron, exact, easy, hard-and-fast, pertinacious, adamant, nonmoving, unchangeable, exacting, stubborn, bovine, brassbound, dictated, unmitigated, tenacious, hardened, stiff, adamantine, inflexible, implacable, secure, dour, brass-bound, strait-laced, ramrod, unyielding, obdurate, intense, acerbic, puritanical, remorseless, Spartan, rigorous, uncompromising, stern, astringent, starchy, hard, disciplined, pixilated, lean, hard-nosed, definite, unbreakable, icy, sturdy, fixed, determined, potent, fit, hidebound, situated, contrary, intransigent, stiffened, hardheaded, gruff, mulish, callous, oppressive, blotto, unbendable, caustic, wet, fundamental, precise, snug, immutable, stringent, unadaptable, die-hard, flinty, acrimonious, smashed, bleak, uncompliant, spare, frozen, grim, set, slopped, ascetic, fuddled, bull-headed, crocked, ironclad, strong, basic, sloshed, brisk, tense, primed, steadfast, solid, cutting, imperial, crisp, abrupt, harsh, invariable, cockeyed, intolerant, bigoted, resist, relentless, pie-eyed, prudish, critical, loaded.

lithe, bendable, tractable, negligent, supple, spongy, clement, lithesome, charitable, undemanding, sweet, tolerant, accepting, flabby, thin, acquiescent, kind, semisoft, willowy, light, limber, porous, indulgent, forbearing, hanging, mushy, kindly, flexible, softhearted, flaccid, willing, amenable, slackened, floppy, moving, sloppy, limp, sagging, easy, affable, squishy, responsive, stretchy, permeable, neglectful, slipshod, remiss, mild, plastic, patient, drooping, adaptable, springy, merciful, workable, agreeable, genial, bland, compliant, spoiling, droopy, slack, resilient, lenient, flexile, pliable, compromising, laid-back, tender, lax, slovenly, airy, yielding, lissome, loose, squashy, relaxed, pampering, complaisant, loosened, nonrigid, lank, easygoing, elastic, soft, gentle, pliant, malleable, relenting, scattered.

Examples of usage:

1) And yet it was characteristic of them both that on the last day when, seated under a hedge at the top of the playing fields, the school buildings a grey mist below them and the air tensely rigid with heat, they said good- bye to one another, it was Cards who found all the words. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) Once he saw her face, stern and rigid with anxiety over the choice of a hat. - "Command", William McFee.

3) An English translator will have frequent reason to regret the more rigid genius of the language, that rarely permits him in this respect, to attempt even an imitation of his author. - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.