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Spell check of ride

Correct spelling: ride

hop on, cod, seat, nettle, drum up, torment, impel, twit, rally, tease, expedition, take up, bedevil, take, mobilise, call down, transportation, get on, sneer, depend on, vex, labour, hector, kick-start, ridicule, beat back, float, canter, climb, excursion, propel, resist, lambaste, crusade, irritate, put down, fool, movement, exploration, turn-on, take in, go, put one across, day trip, put on, bicycle clips, hinge on, jump on, annoy, roast, nark, tease apart, rebound, laughter, parkway, sit down, rag, insult, joke, befool, hitch, trip out, chafe, aim, charge, repel, muster up, call up, gallop, play, model, last, jaw, face, bumper car, dismount, criticize, pose, rely on, charge up, cover, push back, card, caricature, represent, duel, mobilize, repulse, cycle, remonstrate, weather, deprecate, bridle, chew up, gibe, bike, flume, josh, force, reproach, frustrate, tug, rile, rouse, break in, climb up, tantalise, jive, hitchhike, muster, hinge upon, groom, equestrian, big wheel, driving, enter, hound, slang, ram, bareback, baby-sit, sit, meet, needle, dress down, campaign, have words, commove, heckle, mount, switch on, denigrate, hoop, summon, blame, chew out, effort, beleaguer, big top, depend upon, go down, get to, burlesque, backpedal, arouse, push, kid, ferris wheel, come up, lecture, reprimand, rib, lambast, force back, pedal, private road, bullyrag, clown, dupe, rebuke, drive, crucify, bug, motor, humiliate, survive, call on the carpet, urge on, scold, tantalize, scoff, taunt, bait, cruise, driving force, contest, pull through, thrust, buoy, loosen, labor, circuit, commute, mount up, chaff, excite, sit around, bother, spin, banter, fluff, mock, trip, journey, come through, shuttle, devolve on, coast, gravel, race, chide, rise, razz, pester, get off, beat up, put one over, quip, lift, deride, get at, driveway, mimic, live, trounce, remount, badger, persist, high wire, reproof, jest, jeer, bawl out, flight, gull, climb on, crossing, get, agitate, bestride, wind up, dun, wax, compel, carousel, go up, custard pie, posture, berate, cause.


Examples of usage:

1) He found it increasingly difficult to ride two horses. - "A History of the Third French Republic", C. H. C. Wright.

2) Now, where's the little girl who was to ride beside me? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) You will be stronger for the long, hard ride. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.