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Spell check of rewarding

Correct spelling: rewarding

honoring, encouraging, gainful, satisfying, breadwinning, cheering, readable, gratifying, awarding, refunding, luring, bankrolling, attractive, get, fertile, rewardful, fulfilling, restful, profitable, pleasing, compensating, depositing, worthwhile, appreciated, doling, rewardable, fruitful, inducing, nice, sweetening, pleasurable, remitting, reimbursing, lovely, treating, disbursing, moneymaking, relaxing, settling, repaying, giving, fat, cheerful, paying, lucrative, tipping, remunerative, heartening, granting, enjoyable, gladdening, tempting, comforting, remunerating, advantageous, discharging, enticing, pleasant, bountied.

discouraging, profitless, heartbreaking, heartrending, depressing, distressing, unappreciated, disturbing, ungratifying, dispiriting, disheartening, cold, saddening, upsetting, cheerless, discomforting, dismaying, thankless, disappointing, unrewarding, unfriendly, unkind, disconcerting, unpleasant, displeasing, unloving, unfeeling, dissatisfying, demoralizing.

Examples of usage:

1) Over lunch Barney broached a business matter which would be financially rewarding to both of them, and should not burden Elby's conscience unduly. - "Gone Fishing", James H. Schmitz.

2) And in truth, if the aspect of the country beyond the downs, where rocks tower one above another in rude and barren grandeur, furnish a legitimate criterion by which to determine respecting the general fertility of the island, I should be almost tempted to believe that the whole industry of its people has been expended upon this spot, simply because it was the only one capable of rewarding it. - "The Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans 1814-1815", G. R. Gleig.

3) Amarilly's eyes danced, and she gave her mother a spontaneous and rewarding hug. - "Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley", Belle K. Maniates.