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Spell check of reveal

Correct spelling: reveal

offend, split, set off, unwrap, brief, uncork, determine, herald, fathom, spill, tell, open, snitch, confide, violate, display, let loose, recognize, bare, develop, fail, unsheathe, bespeak, detect, hear, manifest, advertise, stag, break, release, put out, unclothe, give out, make known, bode, divulge, transgress, scupper, find out, fall apart, die, infract, betray, assert, identify, recrudesce, unearth, separate, smash, cave in, bump, go, light upon, portend, unravel, fall upon, uncloak, present, appear, speculate, realize, grass, learn, uncover, acknowledge, break up, break in, widen, fall in, bust, stop, open up, find, shop, proclaim, break-dance, unseal, key, notice, disseminate, get word, endanger, dampen, intermit, strip away, bring on, let out, foreshadow, exhibit, throw back, give away, pick up, get wind, get out, expose, state, unmask, demote, unplug, disinter, burst, explain, fracture, attain, express, break off, breach, lay bare, inform, say, undo, dig up, see, offload, produce, come apart, discover, report, go against, confess, rat, happen upon, testify, spill the beans, predict, envision, impart, utter, denounce, promulgate, leak, damp, pause, unfold, enunciate, unbosom, elicit, bankrupt, kick downstairs, introduce, wear, admit, affirm, part, interrupt, embody, blab, come out with, soften, debunk, get a line, name, erupt, break out, collapse, evidence, distinguish, snap off, break away, break down, give, evince, show, give way, strip, get around, solve, bring out, publish, check, talk, go bad, unveil, describe, unlock, come across, give notice, unriddle, weaken, come upon, circulate, broadcast, propound, concede, avow, better, wear out, emit, peril, ruin, demonstrate, conk out, prophesy, let on, share, chance on, tell on, notify, discontinue, forecast, strike, chance upon, key out, breakthrough, relegate, educe, announce, observe, split up, issue, disclose, founder, declare, materialize, communicate.

counterfeit, hush, misrepresent, befog, becloud, belie, overcast, overshadow, shade, eclipse, darken, gild, cover, distort, bury, mask, suppress, varnish, gloss, camouflage, secrete, cloak, veil, garble, falsify, withhold, bedim, occlude, obscure, conceal, keep back, whitewash, hide, twist, disguise, cloud, enshroud, shroud.

Examples of usage:

1) His gaze swept the pitifully bare room and failed to reveal one. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) Every man who paid court to a young woman, in Jane Benton's opinion, was a married man, with a large family of children; and though it sometimes turned out that those she accused of this offence were only twenty years old, or such a matter, she said that made no difference; they had married young, probably, and investigation would reveal that they had ten or twelve ragged children and a pale wife somewhere in poverty. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) Art was now to reveal the realities of this world, and to concern itself with Man among them. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.