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Spell check of return

Correct spelling: return

travel by, appearance, correct, dribble, countermeasure, retrograde, recess, bookable, save, paying back, try, keep, product, achievement, open, break, shoot, come into being, counter-accusation, stub, resist, check, harvest-home, regaining, pass by, sink, devote, leave, security, knock, counter-statement, establish, descend, retrocession, replication, allowance, ease up, drop, friendly, pitch, fruit, expire, sideboard, protect, kick in, homecoming, precipitate, withdraw, consecrate, remuneration, argue, arrival, fork up, soften, acknowledgment, cross, book on, slide by, smash, fall out, retrogression, birth, event, redeem, put back, reverberation, throwback, pay, law, countercharge, come about, welcome, bring over, counterpunch, hand, touchdown, exceed, surrender, egest, dividend, chargeable, recall, capital, state, vengeance, reparation, reverse, by-election, secure, argument, hold back, egress, explain, glide by, remember, stronghold, interpret, commence, turn, explanation, military issue, provide, rotating, consequence, give way, cash in one's chips, rebounding, guard, atone, engender, reestablish, go by, contain, starting point, ball, output, generate, campaign, go past, contribute, police, run off, contact sport, come, income, buffer, sold out, refute, present, rectify, outcome, requite, dedicate, blackball, retort, deliver, bring to, safeguard, result, give up, payoff, intermittent, barrier, election, gate, go through, rejoin, retrieve, fall, spoil, cave in, fend, rescue, yield, earnings, accrue, gift, reenter, regress, blow over, disenfranchise, double back, exit, denial, counter, reappearing, ingathering, chase away, uphold, diminish, revenge, hark back, transatlantic, replica, get, give in, elapse, repossess, production, chip, repay, report back, retrogradation, have, knuckle under, legislate, recover, reply, moat, salary, sound reflection, recollect, amends, strike at, aboard, bus, booking, accomplishment, take place, bear, sire, father, submit, bring, lead, call up, gain, kick the bucket, blast, capital-intensive, acknowledge, drive off, destination, drop dead, rejoinder, proceeds, drive away, adopt, declare, replying, harvest-time, reelect, riposte, counter-accuse, emergence, originate, outlet, make it, debarkation, slip by, depict, unsay, strike, delivery, hang, elect, repeated, transcend, beauty contest, relapse, progeny, backsliding, boarding pass, decrease, take back, growth, turn over, begin, backspace, topic, recoil, revisit, extend, afloat, screen, draw, counter-reply, retrace, be restored, net, bar, e-ticket, lapse, gross, adjust, counter-state, retire, sound, getting even, compensation, wage, occur, refutation, indemnity, die, protection, earn, shelter, retake, fall back, bond, receipt, advent, avert, counterattack, in hand, annuity, barricade, spend, hold, effect, bribe, translate, final payment, authorize, attainment, ask, reception, fleet, nonstop, give, fork out, issuance, remedy, run, settle, wages, render, beget, drive out, carnet, eliminate, takings, bring through, put in, cede, profit, arrow key, endowment, get back, recurrence, revolve, fortress, backslide, retrogress, aversion, refurbishment, overhaul, stop, restoration, recidivate, make, increase, pay off, ward, overland, fall in, entrance, reexamine, rebound, issue, landfall, backtrack, collapse, credit, landing, counterblow, income tax return, offspring, ctrl, hook, retorting, retrovert, regression, furnish, evanesce, reciprocation, sacrifice, caps lock, invert, repeating, defense, recurring, parry, communicate, delete key, the Boston Tea Party, throw, landing card, rebut, extradite, catch, go down, compensate, respond, incoming, come again, support, iterative, sustain, open ticket, carry, outset, command key, character set, boarding card, hap, regain, dive, control key, react, refund, renew, arrest, come down, square, commit, restitution, corner, call in, arise, pass on, subject, recursive, show, reappearance, realize, ingress, tabulator, repetitive, reaction, give back, money, restore, reprise, answer, afford, capital gains tax, send back, fade, advance, sports, repeat, arr., bring round, recurrent, backhand, put across, supply, replace, recur, reverberate, object, ticketing, grant, recompense, upshot, armor, oppose, connect, lessen, echo, surrebuttal, recrudesce, start, issuing, control, repetition, reflect, choke, revive, go on, apply, arbitrage, deport, go back, light, advance poll, turn back, number, introduction, go along, coming back, reconsider, reintroduce, bring along, publication, harbor, degenerate, round-trip, bring back, surpass, contrarian, aisle seat, ballot, Alt key, onset, wall, indemnification, bring around, reimburse, turn in, relent, beginning, matter, reoccur, chip in, retaliate, pass off, resistance, picture, restitute, reciprocate, kick, recession, authorise, devolve, offset, response, reward, bumpy, hand down, perish, redress, move over, restricted fare, clear, objection, guide, develop, go, top, return key, buffet, counterclaim, turning, backfire, slip away, zero-sum game, renovation, retaliation, reciprocity, decease, single, give birth, retribution, crop, tax return, door-to-door, game, pass, start back, arrive, board, play, flow, extreme sport, overstep, justify, impart, ticket, season ticket, expound, government issue, derivative, reach, comeback, succumb, electioneering, deny, blue chip, concede, drive home, coming, overseas, bus pass, way out, direct elections, booking office, take, corporate welfare, counteraction, cover, rebuttal, away, croak, abstain, reaping, fall down, lucre, approach, rotate, conk, answering, circuitous, feed, produce, give-up the ghost, deteriorate, reproduction, remunerate, outward, exchange, round-the-world, claw back, debenture, mirror, hand over, rediscover, cancellation, reappear, pass away, cart, Chancellor of the Exchequer, make pass, reprisal, go across, reinstate, founder, harvesting, buckle under, buy the farm, bring forth, shine, commencement, decline, chad, harvest, bring in, revert, pay back, fulfillment, damages, excrete, happen, revenue, call back, defend, think, overtake, conception, fork over, audit, Groundhog Day, iteration, come back, set in, justification, excuse, mother, dispel, snuff it, pop off, shield.

poll, outgo, expense, charge, quiz, questionnaire, expenditures, survey, inquiry, expenses, loss, interrogatory, query, question, disbursement, outlay, challenge, cost, interrogation, expenditure, cross-examination, grilling.

Examples of usage:

1) When will she return? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) If he's gone, he will return. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Soon will I return. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.