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Spell check of retain

Correct spelling: retain

give, remain, conceal, pay, take for, reminisce, remember, sign, deem, withdraw, put away, obligate, withhold, command, hold in, restrain, defy, obtain, harbour, withstand, apply, go for, assume, nurse, adjudge, preserve, lay on, extend, enjoy, hold open, stay, proceed, go along, carry on, prevent, maintain, place, forbear, refrain, concur, keep back, reserve, conduct, stay fresh, grasp, bear on, embrace, support, go on, take on, clutch, carry, bethink, learn, hold off, accommodate, prevail, uphold, own, revoke, oblige, recant, stockpile, bind, sustain, hinder, keep, husband, employ, sign on, confine, think, wait, turn back, moderate, guard, engage, suppress, seize, take hold, clasp, hire, conserve, persist in, go forward, get, stay on, take, hold, keep going, detain, contain, grapple, bear, appoint, protect, agree, view as, entertain, retract, have got, keep open, celebrate, confirm, revive, have, collect, curb, throw, recruit, halt, fulfil, relive, think back, recollect, admit, book, hold on, store up, hold back, cover, adhere, grip, check, declare, work, fee, recall, hold up, set aside, observe, concord, possess, save, stay with, hoard, control, keep on, mind, continue, stop, make, obey, harbor, arrest, defend.

dismiss, drop, renounce, disown, ax, release, furlough, hand out, lack, decline, discard, lose, give, lock out, abandon, lay off, fire, disclaim, cede, surrender, need, dump, can, repudiate, reject, yield, donate, require, want, discharge, contribute, spurn, hand over, give up, relinquish, sack.

Examples of usage:

1) Cannot even those retain them inwardly who had won them. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) We must now try to retain him, and who could undertake this task with more success than our fair country women. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) But why did not the rejected lover send the letter he received- and which he must have known he had no right to retain- to Miss Moran, or to the Englishman for whom it was intended? - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.