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Spell check of restrained

Correct spelling: restrained

bound, deflected, contained, entangled, bated, teetotaling, close, obstructed, chaste, self-controlled, prohibited, muted, checked, modest, handicapped, encumbered, guarded, forbade, chilled, self-restrained, suppressed, denied, chintzy, eased, braked, calm, oppressed, abated, intimidated, toned-down, choked, forbidden, caught, thwarted, fettered, limited, sober-minded, unobtrusive, soft, congested, dammed, edged, disinclined, hampered, impaired, austere, quiet, barred, frustrated, restricted, quieted, self-denying, hindered, passive, abnegating, moderated, innocuous, tranquilized, shackled, blocked, delayed, colored, gentle, derailed, dampened, unresponsive, rejected, tasteful, snarled, hushed, neutral, dragged, reserved, plain, admonished, untalkative, discreet, understated, cold, self-depriving, calmed, cooled, prudent, paralyzed, conservative, baffled, entrapped, averted, ascetic, outlawed, crippled, still, jammed, leashed, pacified, resisted, crimped, disqualified, depressed, in check, noncommittal, precluded, temperate, cramped, terminated, undemonstrative, moderate, pacific, composed, clean, tangled, repressed, emotionless, bridled, plugged, bunged, under control, restraint, unflashy, cool, finite, unostentatious, unexpansive, inhibited, bright, unpretentious, confined, stopped, constipated, ended, low-key, dissuaded, softened, interrupted, fouled, ablaze, cautious, unruffled, mired, frugal, disciplined, constricted, reticent, self-effacing, bounded, diverted, retiring, inobtrusive, bottlenecked, disallowed, banned, snagged, low-keyed, placid, reasonable, refused, detained, unemotional, complicated, blank, smooth, curbed, prevented, clogged, burdened, impeded, subdued, dry, sober, abstinent, collared, alleviated, opposed, disheartened, soothed, stayed, hamstrung, disapproved, relaxed, brash, daunted, tranquil, bordered, rimmed, curtailed, soothing, bold, color-coded, impassive, discouraged, deterred, constrained, countered, easy, controlled, tethered, bleached.

graceless, exuberant, meretricious, flaring, frilly, incautious, uncurbed, unrestrained, swank, demonstrative, intemperate, excessive, highflying, tacky, splashy, overdone, gilded, noisy, glitzy, extravagant, freewheeling, pretentious, overdecorated, fancy, tasteless, inelegant, unbuttoned, overwrought, flashy, trashy, razzle-dazzle, baroque, ungoverned, tawdry, unhampered, overweening, unchecked, ornate, gaudy, unhindered, unlaced, rococo, flamboyant, ostentatious, loud, unbridled, garish, vulgar.

Examples of usage:

1) He restrained himself, however, and, turning to the little girl, asked: " Do you fear, Nell?" - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) With difficulty we restrained Leonidas from going to a noble death in single combat against the lot. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) I have loved you against my reason ever since I knew you, for you always told me I must not, and I restrained myself as best I could. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.