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Spell check of restrain

Correct spelling: restrain

pinch, impound, keep down, rein, harbour, withhold, make, curb, reject, accommodate, dam, apply, admit, obligate, tranquilize, reverberate, bust, guard, resist, deem, soften, inhibit, ban, oppose, terminate, seize, come down on, deflect, avert, celebrate, leash, moderate, brake, snare, guide, complicate, qualify, hold up, quiet, retain, take, rim, bind, trammel, take for, silence, have, subdue, snarl, hold in, burden, snag, agree, pull in, ease, obtain, constipate, pick up, tighten, encumber, book, tighten up, daunt, withstand, deny, stay fresh, strangulate, forbid, cut back, bounce, admonish, pull back, clog, constrain, determine, lock in, spring, throw, maintain, control, detain, cripple, compose, leap, depress, hold off, preserve, suppress, oppress, fetter, go on, nurse, circumscribe, concur, keep back, plug, edge, bear, jump, prevail, check, disturb, nail, harbor, defend, recoil, trap, muzzle, go for, observe, end, dissuade, preclude, tame, block, repress, pen in, define, curtail, in, forbear, cumber, ricochet, confine, stay, shackle, entertain, turn back, contain, pacify, restrict, restraint, frustrate, oblige, govern, delimit, border, secure, prevent, disapprove, keep, handle, proceed, hinder, fix, direct, thwart, take hold, obstruct, hamper, cramp, derail, save, chain, continue, congest, keep open, choke, resile, keep from, reserve, wait, foul, discourage, shut away, impair, entrap, bound, rebound, disincline, hold, abate, catch, cool, have got, alleviate, stifle, interrupt, apprehend, bar, go along, defy, hamstring, bridle, nab, support, throttle, run in, sustain, counter, entangle, tie down, delay, strangle, mire, declare, relax, collar, give, bottle up, soothe, capture, paralyze, stiffen, view as, bit, enclose, conceal, harness, measure, halt, bung, take a hop, deter, set, carry, tangle, regulate, hold on, gag, crimp, hold back, disallow, concord, dampen, quarantine, sit on, handicap, chill, stop, bottleneck, arrest, refuse, hold open, disqualify, imprison, specify, nick, divert, hold down, keep on, dishearten, intimidate, rule, prohibit, outlaw, shut in, baffle, adjudge, impede, tether, calm, ensnare, jam, drag, limit, constrict.

express, release, loose, dismiss, loosen, unchain, liberate, air, take out, unbind, unleash, free, spring, emancipate, vent, lose, set free, discharge.

Examples of usage:

1) " It's wonderful how little he was hurt," resumed Julia, and she could not restrain the emotion in her voice. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) In all probability, those strangers are bringing an order to restrain me from going any further. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) He could better restrain his love for her in some distant town than in Davy's Bend, therefore he would go away, and try to forget. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.