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Spell check of rest

Correct spelling: rest

convenience, wait, ruin, tranquilize, liberalisation, catch, still, put down, bed, get, amity, counterweight, concord, moderation, placidness, start, quietness, substitute, leisure, neutrality, delay, concentrate, curtain, stop, release, excess, stay on, pillar, quiet, catnapping, oddment, patience, support, ashes, fix, ministration, remainder, emit, pause, liberalization, exist, lie down, laze, appease, holiday, vegetate, quietus, ride out, friendliness, outride, heartsease, box, immobile, demise, snoozing, andante, repose, bass clef, ataraxis, settle down, stagnation, z's, backup man, suspire, succor, catch one's breath, tranquillity, tarry, lull, relaxation, alight, bear, clef, easiness, end, slackening, garbage, nonresistance, abide, sojourn, eternal sleep, domiciliate, time out, residuum, vacation, seat, relaxation method, junk, armistice, motionlessness, bar, slumber, interval, crescendo, poise, arr., dozing, dwell, counterpoint, easement, hibernate, equaliser, casket, rilievo, bide, inactivity, balance wheel, respite, sopor, anticipate, symmetricalness, await, stagnancy, peace of mind, watch, equalizer, relievo, stick around, inactive, furlough, stationary, dissolution, quiescence, respire, pick out, equilibrium, rest period, ease, backup, breather, sleep, discontinuance, proportionality, base, allegro, informality, idle away, live, accord, lethargy, pillow, simplicity, abatement, remnant, consist, embossment, cremate, flourish, while away, take a breather, breathe, scaffold, lie, calm, stay, rafter, deadness, peacefulness, continuance, nap, stiff, place, inertia, sit back, hiatus, fill-in, expect, quell, bier, excerpt, bar line, joist, relax, stay put, immobilize, con brio, recumb, hibernation, restlessness, deadlock, set, intermission, passing, cessation, passiveness, put, foundation, break, arpeggio, accompaniment, roost, take a breath, inhabit, simpleness, balance, relief, stagnate, languor, detain, litter, standstill, suspension, decease, burial, tranquility, perch, glimpse, placidity, residue, lounge around, decompression, idle, bask, confront, difference, equipoise, equanimity, debris, turn on, shack, death, stand-in, cremains, breakbeat, shut-eye, settle, coda, stillness, e-waste, alleviation, hush, trash, con amore, order, eternal rest, counterpoise, hang on, strain, counterbalance, bury, fall, resting, extinction, see, reliever, last out, peace, occupy, reside, stanchion, sculptural relief, proportion, inaction, set out, becalm, remains, pass off, calmness, inertness, belong, retire, residual, loosening, comfort, activity, pedestal, truce, position, static, fixity, at rest, napping, surplus, motionless, breathing space, symmetry, remain, undisturbed, light, witness, landfill, framework, gantry, easing, buttress, relaxation behavior, lounge, inert, fixedness, retreat, subside, cease-fire, frame, spot, recess, tolerate, make out, slumbering, mark time, lie in, composure, cortege, waste, adagio, correspondence, orderliness, coffin, bottom, cadence, sedentary, sit, serenity, endure, prop, stand, observe, trestle, reprieve, succour, descant, idleness, dormancy, lodge in, stick, wind down, domicile, pile, lodge, lay, nonaggression, silence, recline, persist, assuagement, continue, immobility, quietude, halt.

forfeit, abandon, toil, forfend, work, insomnia, shun, wake, exertion, stress, strain, journey, resist, pressure, proceed, be active, avoid, wakefulness, consciousness, tension, reject, tenseness, labor, migrate, sleeplessness, move, change, depart.

Examples of usage:

1) When he came this afternoon I told her she looked so pale she ought to rest, but she laughed me off. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Jesus Himself indeed did not rest upon this testimony. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

3) He was at Rede Place for rest. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.