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Spell check of resist

Correct spelling: resist

urge on, withstand, extend, endure, answer, continue, eliminate, propel, oppress, winnow out, contend, police, object, constrain, contest, oppose, digest, stand fast, drive, quarrel, deter, sustain, complicate, backfire, pass up, return, delay, buck, maintain, stop, stand pat, vie, catch, choke, cramp, defend, remain firm, conflict, fight back, protect, encounter, obstruct, crimp, challenge, stretch forth, stand up, repress, put up, bear, disdain, reply, snarl, suppress, deny, take issue, respond, paralyze, stand, dare, support, baulk, antagonize, cross, bottleneck, rule out, meddle, aggravate, defy, shelter, hold up, grate, live on, encumber, grind, combat, push, counterattack, restrict, irritate, face, rebut, decline, fend, impede, hamper, reject, fight, jib, clog, yield, interfere, disturb, screen, jibe, entangle, jam, contravene, abide, counter, stomach, plug, go, hold out, dissent, protest, snub, fetter, inhibit, drag, thrust, differ, brake, rebuff, interrupt, turn away, weather, impair, last, suffer, burden, survive, struggle, entrap, uphold, cover, thwart, restrain, obtain, hamstring, brawl, confront, tangle, place upright, persevere, shield, disagree, impel, affront, frustrate, hinder, barricade, turn down, live, rub, repel, block, disapprove, scorn, bicker, contradict, abrade, refuse, foul, put out, submit, contrast, congest, detain, secure, harass, stay, brook, wear, countermand, exsert, argue, hold firm, stand firm, fret, stand up to, stretch out, avert, spurn, intercept, baffle, guard, freeze off, scrape, scrub, dam, persist, constipate, dispute, buffer, rebel, ward, handicap, rasp, curb, repulse, bung, counteract, wrangle, safeguard, bar, balk, hold, wrestle, mire, cripple, retort, gybe, stick out, clash, save, check, traverse, compel, hassle, change course, ride, snag, tolerate, chafe, hold off, pooh-pooh, remain.

surrender, apply, capitulate, give up, bow, submit, succumb, give in, yield, knuckle under, stoop, lend oneself.

Examples of usage:

1) Yes, they can't resist that! - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Can I- dare I resist it? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) His very strength gave me strength to resist. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.